3 Steps to Create a Local Communication Strategy

Becoming the friendly neighborhood national company requires business owners to create a niche communication strategy—one that joins the conversations already taking place in the community and provides clear solutions for the community members' everyday challenges, needs and aspirations.

Are Your Marketing Emails Part of the 22% That Never Arrive?

According to a new report by Return Path, reported in E-consultancy, "Just over one in five (22%) commercial emails sent globally on the first half of 2013 never made it to the subscriber's inbox." Now, that may sound like the odds are in your favor—until you wonder if your organization is part of that 22%!

57 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Using effective tactics that boost your blog traffic is the first step in achieving a variety of goals. Those objectives could include selling products and services, building brand awareness, positioning yourself as a thought leader, or connecting and networking.

Top 6 Small Business Video Marketing Strategies

Among small business owners, the one of the top hesitations to video marketing is cost. Unlike Coca-Cola and Red Bull, you probably don't have the budget to hire an expensive production team. All you may have at your disposal is high definition camera and a computer—but that's probably all that you need.

Shifting Our Perspective: Who Has the Problem We Solve?

The shift in perspective is small, but its impact on our results is profound. Stop looking for people to sell your products, services, and solutions to. Look for the people who have the problems you solve.

The Benefits of Holding Your Own Convention

When you attend a traditional convention, they will make crucial decisions about the specific agenda, topics to be covered, speakers, venue, etc. This is fine, but it leaves you very little choice. You must find and attend a conference that mostly suits your needs, and it may or may not be in location that has any interest for you.

Use Your Social Media Time More Efficiently

Social media is extremely relevant in building your business and should play a big role in your company's marketing strategy. So the big question is, how much time should be spent branding your business on social media websites?

6 Tips to Get Customers to Come Back Again

Every business is always looking for one more customer. However, a new customer isn't always the best answer to growing your business. Your existing customers are every bit as important to improving your growth and profitability.

Why Improving the Customer Experience Matters: A Customer Loyalty Tale

Have you noticed how many ridiculously bad experiences we put up with as consumers? This article is about how some companies are turning that awfulness into opportunities to grow their profits, brands and customer loyalty while leaving their competitors behind.

The Downside of Overly Aggressive SEO Strategies

Whenever Google puts out any changes to their algorithms, you know exactly what they mean and how they affect your website. You're not worried because you've been doing things the right way. Writing and curating content, publishing it, promoting it, etc.

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