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5 Secrets to Creating Great Content, According to Matt Keezer

By: Keith Holland


Secrets to Creating Great Content Matt Keezer

Marketing has evolved and changed greatly in the online age. From company websites, to online ads, and content marketing, staying on top of best practices in the online industry is about mobility, quality, and, perhaps most importantly, being deliberate.

In an effort to wrap my head around how to be at the forefront of content marketing I spoke with Matt Keezer. Matt Keezer is the CEO of Momentum Ventures, parent company of the online travel agency JustFly, and he has been overseeing the development of the company’s content marketing team. I asked him for his biggest tips for writing quality online content.

Make it Original

First things first—content must be original, according to Keezer. Duplicating content doesn’t sit well with Google, it doesn’t sit well with readers, and it shouldn’t sit well with you. While you might think this will put an undue burden on you or your writers, it’s more like a challenge that, if completed, benefits your rank and your content overall.

Write Great Headlines

Having great content is awesome, having terrible headlines is not. You can build a beautiful house, but if the front door is covered in snakes and spiders, no one is going to come in and check it out. Take the time to write engrossing headlines that will appeal to, challenge, or motivate your readers to click.

Show the Way, Don’t Force It

Did you ever watch the movie Inception? Content marketing can benefit from a lesson in that film. While some content marketers simply like to hammer people through a door and count clicks in Google Analytics, the best content doesn’t tell people what to do, it makes people think they should do what you’re suggesting. Content written with this aim is more natural, contains less marketing speak, and is all around more believable for your readers.

Don’t Answer All the Questions

In lockstep with the Inception idea, you don’t want to give people all the answers when writing content. Leave them wanting more. This will bring truly motivated potential customers to your site so they can learn more about your product or pitch.

Tell Your Story, Not Your Life Story

Are you writing a novel? No? Then keep it short. No one wants to read an essay about your product, and frankly, if they do, they are probably already customers. Get in, get out, and track your results.

Published: April 21, 2016

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