Sunday, February 7, 2016


How Becoming an Influencer Helped My Company Succeed

My company, Focus Lab, has made $3,330,727.15 in revenue as a result of showing our work. How have CMSs, Dribbble and niche communities made...

Have You Set Your Social Media Listening Posts?

There is so much information being shot at us daily via social media streams that we should monitor and control that which pertains to...
Holiday Advertising sale


A CPA’s Real Job

CPAs think their important job is to complete and file clients’ taxes during tax season. If you’re a CPA or bookkeeper, the most important job...

Lessons from Inside a Shark Tank

In a few days, I get the opportunity to swim with the sharks—sort of. I will be sharing the stage with three of the stars...

2016 Tax Law Changes You Need to Know About

After the giant ball drops in Times Square to signify a new year, the IRS is notorious for making some adjustments to the federal...

1099 Filing Date Just Around the Corner

If you operate a business and engage the services of an individual (independent contractor) other than one who meets the definition of an employee...