The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business with Friends

I first met Jonathan Wasserstrum, one of my best friends and now a co-founder of TheSquareFoot and our company’s CEO, nearly two decades ago....


What About My Goals? A Time for Selfishness

I had a call from a frustrated sales person. He said, “Dave, I read your stuff all the time. You are relentless in focusing...

5 Expensive Mobile Marketing Mistakes

I’m cursed, really I am. I’ve been in marketing for the better part of a decade, and I’ve seen it all. So, I cringe...
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Sweeping Up Tax Savings: Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Housekeepers

There may be nothing more rewarding than laboring all day to clean up a messy house and then seeing how sparkling and new it...

When Did Profit Become a Bad Word for Entrepreneurs?

As a startup advisor and investor, I find that more and more entrepreneurs avoid using the term “profit” in pitching their new venture. They...

Tax Tips & Deductions for Food Truck Owners

Do you serve up hot subs, fresh salads, and sweet treats around town in your decked-out food truck? If so, you’re part of the...

How to Effectively Use Price Comparison Sites to Increase Sales

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you already know (or are experiencing) how difficult it is to get the eyeballs of customers. In a...