The Rise of VoIP in Small Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is slated to be the best performing industry of this decade, above biotechnology and ecommerce. While VoIP has been adopted in larger, tech savvy businesses, the...

Supercharge Your Entrepreneurial Strategy

Businesses always seem to take longer to succeed than an entrepreneur expects. Seth Godin once said that overnight success in startups takes about six years, and Seth is an optimist.

Avoid these Common Small Biz Sales Mistakes

All sales professionals make mistakes from time to time, irrespective of their industry, product, or skill level; and some are more common than the others. However, when it comes to business success, there...

How to Get Your Social Media Lineup Just Right

The social media world is becoming more like Baskin Robbins everyday. While there aren't 31 flavors yet, it wouldn't surprise me if we got to that point pretty soon.


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