Is Your Mindset Keeping You from Success?

One thing I've noticed about all the great business leaders I've known is that none of them made excuses. They didn't say, "I did the best I could" or "I guess luck wasn't on my side today." They took responsibility for...

Businesses That Operate Only on Social Media

You may be wondering, what kind of business can stay alive using only social media to advertise, market, and sell? The answer is, all different kinds. This business model is becoming more and more popular.

The Next Best Thing to Controlling Our Brand

At our recent Speaker Certification Training for a group of our Certified Go-Giver Speakers, the following was pointed out: "Bob, you are really protective of your brand."

Marketing Automation: Evil or Misunderstood?

When the subject of marketing automation comes up, many purists shake their head and talk about how robotic and impersonal it is. Well—if you do it badly, that's very true.


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There’s a big difference between a mission, a vision, and a purpose, says Joey Reiman. A mission is what we do every day. A vision is where the company is going, usually a number. But a purpose is “Why.” If you can answer the “Why?” then that makes an impact on everything else. A purpose-driven company has an every-day mission of making more good more available to more people.

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