Thursday, May 26, 2016


7 Referral Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Referral marketing is a new twist on word of mouth marketing—one of the oldest and most effective means of promoting practically any type of...

Tips to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget, Part 1

Many businesses have come to realize that trade shows are an indispensable part of their marketing/sales process. Although there is a lot of value...
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6 IRS Payroll Tax Penalties That Will Hinder Your Business Growth

This post is written for American companies. 🍁 If you are a Canadian business, please refer to Remitting Payroll Deductions – Penalties For Missing A...

10 Reasons Angel Investors Don’t Like Your Plan

Once again, for the eighth year in a row, I’m involved as an angel investor with the Willamette Angel Conference and screening investments. We’ll announce...

4 Times a Short-Term Business Loan is Right for You

Every business owner has run into cash flow challenges, whether you need more money to grow your business or to meet the operational day-to-day...

Branding as a Catalyst for Succession Financing

As your brand moves into the next phase of its existence, the prospect of succession comes into play. When you’re prepared to retire, what...