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Customize Events to Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

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Customize Events to Reflect Brand Personality

What is your brand’s personality? Are you formal, fun or just plain boring?

Brand personality is a set of emotional and associative characteristics that are connected to your company name. Brand personality can differentiate your brand, particularly when your competitors have similar products. Your brand personality should influence your brands voice, values, mission, as well as the look and feel of your brand, it influences how you wish to be portrayed and perceived.

It is important to note that brand personality is built over time.

You should incorporate your personality in every opportunity you get, all branding, advertising and communications, both internal and external. Your event should convey your personality and identity and in-turn increase brand awareness. Brand personality should always be front of mind and always considered when thinking of how you want to interact with attendees or potential attendees. In any budget there is a range of options to customize your next event to reflect your brand’s personality. Here are just a few.

Planning Your Event

Your brand personality should be considered throughout the planning and feasibility phases of your event.

  • Print, digital media, radio and television advertisements should have as much brand personality as you can incorporate, ensure that you are keeping to your company branding standards for logos, fonts, slogans and colors. Having a brand style guide accessible to everyone in the company will help keep everything consistent across all channels.
  • Instead of using plain ticketing, incorporate your customized brand personality in your paper choice. This will reinforce your brand in attendees’ minds. If your company is in the construction industry, you can incorporate factors such as rugged textured paper, construction colors and fonts and even industry lingo!

At Your Event

The first thing attendees will see upon approaching a venue is the exterior fencing, crowd control barriers and security. You can utilize your exterior fencing to reflect your brands personality by using printed shade cloth and banner mesh.

From security to wait staff, ensure that everyone is wearing branded uniforms, has branded ID’s and has a similar manner. You cannot compare the behavior expected from staff at a wedding reception to the staff at a rock-concert. It is important to brief your staff of your expectations as they are representing your company and therefore playing a part in customizing your brand personality.

Marketing Merchandise

Upon entry, attendees at events receive items such as branded guides, maps and programs. Companies at times opt to hand out merchandising items. What they don’t know is that it is possible to customize your brands personality through merchandising items. For example, at a fitness expo you can expect to receive items such as water bottles and protein powder but what if one company gave you a hand-weight shaped stressed ball?

You would immediately attribute the words ‘fun and creative’ to the company.

Event Décor

Event Décor is necessary to set the tone, overall mood, frame emotions and give attendees insight to the overall brand personality. Décor should all be standard to your branding.  For example, if your logo is orange, try incorporating orange furnishings and cutlery. You could also use custom printed banners in your branding to cordon off areas inside your event such as food and beverage vendors, toilets and so on. These look great, expose your brand and can be re-used at other company events.

Food and Beverages

It is guaranteed that all attendees will be exposed to the food and beverages that will be served at your event. Companies are using food and beverages to increase company branding through branded food packaging—but have you thought of how you can use the choice of food being served to customize your own brand personality?

When an attendee has chips they think fun music festival but when an attendee is having caviar and crackers they think high-class sophistication. There is no right or wrong choice of food, but there can be a right or wrong choice of food when customizing your brand personality.

Remember that brand personality is not something that you present in a message or imagery—it should define all of your communications, marketing advertising and event set the tone and mood for all of your events, and should be driven by your values.

Author: Madina Azamy writes for Print My Fence – Australia’s number one provider of high quality, printed shade cloth and custom banners at affordable prices.

Published: April 21, 2016

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