3 Small Businesses Doing Big Things with Social Media

I really want to dive into what trends I see in marketing and how to continue to properly tell your story in a noisy, social and quickly changing world. In this first post, I analyzed a few small businesses and the content they are posting on social networks.

Color ROI: Color for Kids and Color Preferences

The people at BestPsychologyDegrees.com have put together a great infographic about color and marketing, looking at all different aspects of how to use color in marketing.

Customer Experience is Single Most Exciting Opportunity for 2014

According to a newly-released report from eConsultancy and Adobe, customer experience (CX) is the single most exciting digital experience for 2014.

Feed the Goog

Google has made two statements in the past; one a few years ago and the other quite recently, that I think pretty much tell us all where The Great and Powerful Goog wants to take the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Content Shock: Why Earned Media Will Save Content Marketing

Large and small brands alike that create problem-solving content and build real relationships with the popular websites in their respective industries will more than just survive content shock; they'll flourish.

If Customers Can Own Our Brand, They Can Also Own Our Business

Is a customer loyalty program really a loyalty program? Does the typical customer enrolled in the program feel some sort of connection beyond the rewards, points or discounts they receive?

Tips to a Successful Outreach Strategy

It's true that your best customers are regular buyers. However, customers have a shelf life, too. There's only so much new revenue you can generate from old customers, so outreach has to be part of any marketing strategy.

Media Coverage Is Not a Given

I have the opportunity to review many business plans and one thing that always causes me some concern is that every business owner believes that they can generate a significant amount of marketing exposure by getting media coverage.

How to Make a Business Partnership a Success

Business partnerships have their advantages and disadvantages. Taking on a business partner is like a entering into a marriage. Certain guidelines should be taken into consideration along with a path to follow.

Key Google Tools for Your SEO Campaigns

To ensure your website is ranking well (and continues to do so), it is important to stay on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations of SEO. Google has two of the most effective tools used in the industry, which are vital to ensure your site is performing at its best.

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