Hiring the Right Public Relations Firm

Hiring a public relations firm can be a huge boost to your marketing strategy, freeing you to focus on your business while putting professionals to work at keeping you and your business in the public view. But setting out to hire a PR firm can be a daunting task. Where do you even begin, with the many different firms to choose from?

Bring In Customers With Content Marketing

Value is the key ingredient to a successful business. But how do you prove that you can offer real value to a customer? In our age of social media and websites, content marketing is an essential strategy for bringing traffic to your website, building your brand, and showcasing your value proposition.

How to Build a Powerful Sales Team

Your salespeople need to be the very best you can find, and great salespeople can be hard to find. On any given sales team, a small percentage of the force does a majority of the business, and your goal is to increase the percentage of your team that is making big contributions to your sales totals. Here are a few tips you can follow to build a powerful sales team.

Focus on Key Performance Indicators

Successful people look for the signs. Small business owners are no exception.The signs are reality. It’s true in business the same way that it is true in sports, relationships, or any other part of life. But what does it mean to see the signs in business? What should you be looking for?

Why Giving Is More Powerful than Getting

It’s not about you. That’s the secret that every person needs to learn in business—it’s not about you. It’s about helping others, about putting what other people need ahead of what you want. The secret to business is providing value to your customers, not looking for ways to make money for yourself.

Unique Selling Propositions

When you start your business, you will probably be competing with a number of other companies. Why should customers come to you instead of them? The trick to setting your business apart is creating a Unique Selling Proposition.

Go for the Win-Win

If a business owner were just thinking of himself or herself, then the business would never make it. Sure, things might be ok for a little while, but long-term sustainable success only comes when your business is focused on other people. Going for a win is not enough; you need the win-win.

Pinterest Tips for Small Business

For a small business owner, there’s no marketing like word-of-mouth marketing. When your customers are talking about your business with their friends, and bringing new customers to you, that is the most effective form of advertising—and the cheapest! And social media have the potential to function like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.

Creating Top of Mind Awareness

As a small business entrepreneur, your goal is always to find more customers. But when you are marketing your company and developing your business’s brand, you can’t just think about the short term and immediate effects; you have to consider the long term, too.

Building a Brand: How Three Successful Sites Did It

At the beginning of the year, AG Beat released a very cool list of 60 brands to watch during 2012. Not all of their predictions were correct—KeepSum, which many thought would be the Groupon of real estate, has been offline for a few months now—but many of them were spot on. Three in particular—OpenCongress, Klout, and Pinterest—did so well during 2012 that they have now become household names. But what did they do differently than the other 57 brands, and how did they do it? What stars aligned to bring these three to the limelight?

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