Will Google’s Gmail Update be the Death of Email Marketing?

Just as everybody seems to have become comfortable again Google has announced its plan to roll out a new layout for its Email client, Gmail, which will force Email marketers to rethink, and ultimately rework their methods.

How to Unleash the Power of Content

There is a war going on but you maybe haven't noticed. It is a battle for eyeballs and Google attention. It is a content war where the best rises to the top. Readers and viewers vote with social signals such as retweets, plus ones on Google+ and Facebook likes and shares.

Using Hashtags on Facebook

You may have heard the announcement that in June 2013, Facebook instituted hashtag functionality into their site. The reason businesses love hashtags is that not only do they inspire interaction and generate buzz amongst followers but they are searchable and easily measurable.

How to Turn Your Customers into Company Evangelists

Ever wonder how companies like Apple are able to get its customers to advertise for them? That company has some of the most enthusiastic users on the planet. Apple's secret? Education.

SEO 101: Learning the Basics

It's hard to be in business these days without having some knowledge of search engine optimization. Commonly referred to as SEO, this is something every small business person should have a basic knowledge of, even if someone else in the company handles all the internet marketing and web design.

5 Changeable Signage Options for Seasonal Marketing

When it comes to commercial décor, adaptability is one of the most important traits to consider. It is crucial to be able to adjust your marketing materials to keep up with sales, seasons, and other time-sensitive events.

How to Market Your Business Blog Content without Annoying Your Friends and Family

No matter what sort of business you happen to be in, you probably use various strategies to market your business blog content. The goal is to get the information out to as many people as possible. The more people you can make aware of your business, services, and products, the more sales you stand to make.

Location-Based Targeting Can Boost Mobile ROI

We've heard it time and time again—"mobile is the future!" But, besides knowing that mobile is a rapidly burgeoning sector of the digital marketing world, many brands and publishers don't know how to tap into its huge growth potential.

Becoming a Government Contractor: Where to Start?

Once you realize that your business needs the world's largest purchaser (U.S. government municipalities) as a customer, the next step is to determine how to become a government contractor. The following is a framework for how to initiate this process.

Your Brand: What Does It Stand For?

Where does your brand stand right now? It's a question not many businesses and individuals can answer with any degree of accuracy. Without any plan to analyze their brand in place, it's not likely they will have an answer anytime soon.

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