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Choose the Right Videographer to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

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Choose the Right Videographer

By now, most businesses know that content is king, but what type of content is reigning supreme? Video is ruling, and it looks like the there is no danger of it losing its crown any time soon. Statistics from YouTube show that the number of people watching their videos each day has increased by 40% in a single year. With 69% of marketing professionals already using video in their marketing campaigns to attract the attention of customers, can you afford to miss out on this golden opportunity?

Video has the ability to resonate with your audience on an emotional level in a way that infographics and simple text cannot. By adding video content to your website and promoting social shares, you can be part of the 52% of marketing professionals who have found that video offers the best return of investment. So when looking to create video as part of your marketing efforts, how do you know what video production agency is right for your needs?


First things first, do some research! Luckily, in this technological age we live in, there’s a digital trail of almost everything we do. Research videographers in your area for rave reviews and avoid the ones who have left no evidence of happy customers. Videographers will display their best work online, so watch these to decide what style suits your needs best, and disregard those who have poorly produced content or don’t match your criteria.

More than Just a Number

Not all videographers are created equal. Many are happy to churn out a video, take the money and run! Don’t fall into this trap. Meet with multiple agencies to see if they’re engaging with your ideas and have a genuine interest in making your video the best version it can be. If the videographer is not interested in creating content relevant to your needs, then it’s unlikely it will meet the needs of your viewers.

Expert Advice

You’re creating a video in order to get results, right? Listen to the professionals. If they’re worth their salt they will know what works and what doesn’t. As an example, look to Blendtec’s “will it blend?” campaign, that brought potentially boring blenders to viral status. Great video production agencies will be able to recommend similar tactics confidently that will get your content seen.

Your chosen video production company won’t shy away from giving you advice, so don’t be put off by them disagreeing with your suggestions. The creative process takes time and collaboration breeds ingenuity. Mix your company’s brand identity expertise with the videographer’s ability to plan and produce expert content to engage your target audience and encourage them to act in the way you desire.

After the Curtain Falls

The production is over, filming is complete. What now? Choose a professional videographer that tracks the distribution of your video; if you don’t know how it’s performing then how can you know if it’s been a success? Updates from your videography agency will analyse what goals are being met and what needs improving. Don’t assume this is part of the service however, as you may be disappointed later.

Of course, there’s nothing like a gut instinct when deciding who is right to work with. Ask yourself if they’re ticking the right boxes and if you can see the relationship working.  Don’t get swept off your feet with emotions however, be practical with things like budget and time constraints. If you see these working along with the other aforementioned points it looks like you might have just found yourself the perfect video production company to help meet your marketing goals.

Author: Suzanne Vallance is a content writer and digital strategist from Glasgow, Scotland. Her educational roots are in Fashion and Business. Though she has combined and developed these creative and logical skills in order to focus on branding and marketing, with a keen interest in small business and start-ups. Currently, she writes for Mallard Productions a video production company.

Published: May 12, 2016

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