Facts and Figures on the Power of Visual Content Marketing

As the social web has allowed us all to become publishers and marketers the importance of content for search and social media marketing has exploded. This is driving another trend within that sector called visual content marketing.

7 Replacements for Networking That Position You as a Thought Leader

I have been in a sales/business development position since I graduated from college. I was trained by my mentors to join multiple business networking groups and build mutually beneficial relationships that would generate referrals. But this old school method didn't always equate to success.

When Salespeople Don’t Sell

What happens when sales people don't do what they have the skills to do? When economies are good and businesses are humming along, many sales people joke that products sell themselves. But once the economy catches up and sales numbers drop, this is where the real talent rises to the surface.

How—And How Not—to Find a Mentor

So you want a mentor to help you start or grow your business? Find a question an expert can answer quickly without having a lot of specific knowledge about your case in detail. Make it a question that's interesting or even fun to answer.

The Importance of a Handshake and a Business Card

Online networking has become a focal point for small businesses, but don't be so quick to discount the importance of good-old-fashioned handshakes, conversation, and business cards.

How to Increase After-Holiday Sales: Fill the Gap

During the pre-holiday season customers are buying gifts for everyone on their lists, sales are good and you're making money. What happens when the holiday buying is over and sales come to an almost screeching halt?

Top 10 Content Distribution and Promotion Thought Leaders

With the year coming to a close, it's time to take a look back and identify those folks we believe had the biggest impact on the emerging content distribution and promotion industry.

The Most Amazing Holiday Brand Experience of 2013

WestJet, a Canadian airline that flies to more than 80 destinations in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, pulled off this holiday surprise that is sure to make these passengers brand loyal for life.

SEO vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Two common terms that I see being mentioned a lot in the same context are "SEO" and "content marketing." Let's get one thing straight. These are NOT the same thing. Let me explain.

Hone Your Networking Skills During the Holidays

While networking skills are critical for internal connections, getting referrals, finding a job, seeking clients, solidifying relationships with existing clients, and increasing spheres of influence, the holidays provide the opportunity to be comfortable and simply...connect.

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