6 Steps to Win City Contracts

The New York City Department of Education (NYC DoE) is the largest system of public schools in the United States. At any given time, there are literally hundreds of contracts open to the market for potential bids.

Do You Know Who Your Brand Cheerleaders Are?

Who are the people who say good things about your business or nonprofit organization? Do you know? "Fans" aren't the same as customers. Further, not all "customers" are equally committed to a brand.

22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014

There was a tipping point last year that has major implications for business and brands. It will impact publishing and marketing strategies and tactics in the future.

The Super Bowl Ad That Actually Sold Something!

Super Bowl XXXLVIII was filled with all the commercials you'd expect... the kind that make you laugh or tear up, but leave you struggling to remember the company that ran the ad or what they were trying to sell.

Why Mobile Apps Will Drive the Future of Marketing

Virtually every day, new evidence emerges of the consumer shift to mobile. Businesses can utilize specific-use mobile apps to enhance and/or simplify the customer experience with their brand.

The Bandwagon Effect: Join In!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In marketing the Bandwagon Effect indicates a tool where, merely by demonstrating your company's popularity, other non-members join that following.

Create Copy That Sells

Having a great product is only half the battle when it comes to making a sale. You also need a convincing argument to your potential customer that yours is the best product available. You must sell the customer on your goods, and to do that you have to have great sales copy.

SEO Checks to Tune Your Website: Part 1

The first four things listed below are checked by looking at the code that runs your website. Don't worry, it isn't hard and you don't have to be a techie, you just need to be able to look for and recognize certain things.

The Numbers Behind Face to Face Networking

Face to face socializing is a thing of the past. Or is it? Take a look at this infographic before you make up your mind.

80% of Our Revenue Comes From…

Data is powerful. We're all enamored with analytics and what they can tell us about our customers and our business. But data can also be very dangerous if we really don't understand it.

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