Does Your Boss Understand Marketing? 3 Recommendations for Different Boss Types

If your job involves marketing in any way, shape, or form, does your immediate supervisor or boss "get" it? Does she have a basic understanding of marketing so that you are empowered to do your job and make your business or nonprofit look good and succeed?

Why “Government” Needs to be Part of Your Business

In 2012, over 85,000 local, state and federal governmental agencies combined to spend more than $6 trillion—that equates to over $30 billion each workday ($30 BILLION PER DAY). The combined annual spend of these agencies makes governmental agencies in the U.S. the "largest purchaser in the world."

Why Should You Take Email Marketing Seriously?

While some of you are aware of what email marketing is, for many others it is a new way of maintaining connection with your audience. However, the buzz is everywhere. Like social media, email marketing is an indispensable business tool. It allows to build and maintain a relationship with your prospects and customers.

Brand Bump Ahead!

Everyday, yesterday's unseen challenges become today's clear problems. Here are some strategies for identifying signs that trouble is ahead, giving you an opportunity to attack the problem now.

In Marketing the Constant Is Change

There are lots of ways to stay current but it all starts with the attitude of recognizing that it's a part of your job and it's one of the ways you keep your company relevant and profitable.

Business Networking: 7 Warning Signs You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Most people do business networking wrong. Most people literally have no idea how to network the right way—and by the "right way" I mean, "the way that gets results." So to help you figure it out, I've put together this handy list of seven warning signs.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page

Search Engine Optimization is all about finding the best ways to get your website to the top of Google by building valuable content, links, and more. SEO tools are valuable to businesses for getting them where they need to be to obtain...

How to Mine Your Customer List for Sales Gold

As a business owner, your biggest potential gold mines are often closer than you think—it's just a matter of knowing where to look. By going beyond what's worked in the past and being open to new strategies, you'll be surprised by how many untapped profit centers are just within your reach.

Keeping Track of Sales

Being in business requires that you keep great accounting records both for the IRS and general financial management. An equally critical tool is a good sales tracking system that monitors your sales activities and makes sure potential sales are not lost in the hustle of each day.

Your Brand Is Spreading Rumors About You Again!

To brand effectively you must say it, believe it and live it. Branding is all about controlling your perception on the street. You have the opportunity to define yourself; drop the ball and the marketplace will not be kind.

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