Mastering PPC: Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Why They Matter

Search engines are really, really good at extracting every last bit of revenue of every search. We're never going to fully understand Google or Bing's algorithm or everything that goes into PPC pricing. What we can do is explore the fundamentals of how the PPC marketplace works, what factors we can control and how we can use them to drive down our CPC.

3 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make

Why do smart, hard-working people with good intentions crash and burn? It's often a combination of factors, from co-founder conflict to funding issues and execution struggles. But at the core of it, businesses fail for one fundamental reason: they can't sell their stuff.

Why Expand Your Business Internationally?

In the first part of a series on taking your small business international, I'd like to discuss why it might make sense to expand your business to a foreign country. Here are three reasons that inspire most businesses to develop a global strategy.

Why Face-to-Face Networking Works Best

Because of my passion for networking—doing it, talking about it, teaching it, coaching it—I have lots of opportunities to chat with various people about how they view this important professional skill and how they go about growing their networks.

VIDEO: What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

A quick description of what Pay Per Click is, how it relates to traditional advertising, and why it matters to your small business.

Traveling to Conventions and Conferences: Smart Travel Tips

Traveling for work purposes like traveling to conventions and conferences can be quite a hassle, especially when you have to travel without advance notice. Last minute plans of traveling can make you forget essential items in a hurry or can even make you reach the airport late.

Belief and Confidence: Critical for Sales Success

To be successful as sales professionals we have to believe in ourselves. We have to have confidence in working with our customers, in our abilities to bring value to and influence our customers.

How Graphic Designers Are Missing the Boat on Branding

Graphic design firms have for years neglected a key space that can bring them a significant new stream of revenue. Most of this missed opportunity is due not understanding the opportunity of branding. For far too long, graphic designers have called developing logos "branding."

Facebook Offers: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Looking for a way to reach more prospects and bring more customers into your store? Facebook's ‘Offers' platform might be an advertising solution you need. Brands with at least 400 likes can promote deals, coupons, and discounts to their target markets.

The 4 Best Ways to Maintain a Business Partnership

Starting a business all on your own can prove to be one of the more difficult occupation paths to take on. Thankfully, new entrepreneurs will find that the more people they add to their team from investors to employees and partners, the easier it is to run a business.

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