Ancient Marketing Techniques Can Yield Results

Despite our obsessions with smart phones, social media, and all things digital, one of the oldest forms of commercial marketing can still produce huge dividends. Can you guess what it is? Paper.

Turn a Toxic Business Relationship into Your Advocate

Every business has a "Joyce," that customer that is never satisfied. I have learned that my company is only as good as the customer service provided and communication skills engaged. But what shocked me the most is that my Joyce, who is a business owner herself and who was my most toxic customer, ended up being my biggest advocate.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About SEO vs. PPC Budgeting

As a small business, you must understand the role that SEO and PPC can play as part of your broader marketing strategy. Determining the best balance between an SEO and PPC strategy will help allow for responsible budget planning and more effective results.

How to Win with Compliance Branding

At the end of the day, adhering to industry, and government compliances makes you competent to do business within your category, but it does nothing to differentiate you. You are simply on an equal footing with your compliant competitors.

Don’t Make the Wrong Partnership: Assume Nothing

But how do you know whether someone is going to be a good partner or not? It's not enough to go by someone's prestige—there are plenty of examples of prominent figures who turned out to be bad partners.

How to Use the Holidays to Check in with Your Customers

Are you thinking that September sounds a little early to be bringing out the mistletoe, and that you don't want to be part of the crowd advertising winter specials before Halloween even rolls around?

How to Combine Social Media with Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective tool in reaching your customers. What most people don't understand is the difference between social media marketing and email marketing. They are quite different and both rely on a different method of reaching people.

3 Ways to Find a Mentor

Every startup founder can benefit from working with a mentor or coach. While ultimately you will be the one to execute and take action, a mentor or coach can help you at any stage of your venture.

4 Tips for Writing a Strong Case Study

Case Studies are the marketing version of Aesop's Fables. Stories told to make a point or teach a lesson that demonstrates the value of your product or service. So how do you create a good case study?

What’s In Your Content? 5 Tips to Success

Small business owners nowadays are moving towards virtual platforms to improve their lead generation. Content is a big part of this because it helps with SEO and engages readers. Still, many small business owners are part of a partner system.

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