More Proof Why You Can’t Ignore Your Online Self

An old African proverb says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. That same logic applies: the best time to start your online presence is 10 years ago. The second best is today.

Insight, Clarity, Execution

We all struggle to change, to do new things, to grow, to implement new strategies, initiatives, and programs. Too often, we and our customers fall short. We don't quite achieve the goal, we change midstream, we abandon what we were seeking to achieve, pursuing something completely different.

Mobile Monetization Strategy Tips from Fluent

In a recent interview from AppNation in San Francisco, Jeff Pavelcsyk from Fluent talks to TheMail about Fluent's mobile monetization strategies and examples. Fluent is known for both mobile app monetization and mobile web monetization.

Three Cheers to Our Mentors: Helping Build Small Business Success

A mentor is someone who has been there before, done that before, and wants you to avoid the pitfalls and perils he or she experienced. Mentors are imperative to the success of any entrepreneur.

Why We Still Need Business Cards

The demise of the 3½ x 2? business card is a myth. If you're working, you still need a business card. Why? Here are seven good reasons.

Make a Big Splash with a Little Cash in Your Online Campaign

There comes a point in every successful entrepreneur's life when it's time to wipe the sweat off the brow and re-strategize for future growth. Online business campaigns are no exception.

Facts and Figures on the Power of Visual Content Marketing

As the social web has allowed us all to become publishers and marketers the importance of content for search and social media marketing has exploded. This is driving another trend within that sector called visual content marketing.

7 Replacements for Networking That Position You as a Thought Leader

I have been in a sales/business development position since I graduated from college. I was trained by my mentors to join multiple business networking groups and build mutually beneficial relationships that would generate referrals. But this old school method didn't always equate to success.

When Salespeople Don’t Sell

What happens when sales people don't do what they have the skills to do? When economies are good and businesses are humming along, many sales people joke that products sell themselves. But once the economy catches up and sales numbers drop, this is where the real talent rises to the surface.

How—And How Not—to Find a Mentor

So you want a mentor to help you start or grow your business? Find a question an expert can answer quickly without having a lot of specific knowledge about your case in detail. Make it a question that's interesting or even fun to answer.

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