Do You Recycle?

I admit it—I hate re-inventing the wheel. There’s nothing more debilitating to a To Do list than the belief that everything you do needs...

Plant Some Marketing Seeds

By the time a farmer is harvesting his crop, he's already well into the planning of his upcoming planting season. We marketing types could learn a lot from those farmers.

3 Keys to Build Your Brand

If I see one more Facebook ad that talks about how to build your “brand” I will engage in primal scream therapy. Building a brand...

How Apartment Owners Can Use a Marketing Service

Some businesses still do not understand why they should be actively marketing online beyond their web presence. An apartment rental is one industry that may feel that way.

Branding: The Inside-Out Rule

Branding is one of those marketing terms that everyone uses but very few actually embrace. When companies try to brand themselves, they often suffer from the “can’t...

Embrace the Limb

For all the words I write on branding, everything I'm saying boils down to this: if you're not playing, you're losing.

3 Steps to Create a Local Communication Strategy

Becoming the friendly neighborhood national company requires business owners to create a niche communication strategy—one that joins the conversations already taking place in the community and provides clear solutions for the community members' everyday challenges, needs and aspirations.

10 Effective Marketing Lessons from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” was written in the second century BC. He was a high-ranking general in the Chinese military and wrote...

Creating Top of Mind Awareness

As a small business entrepreneur, your goal is always to find more customers. But when you are marketing your company and developing your business’s brand, you can’t just think about the short term and immediate effects; you have to consider the long term, too.

Visual Marketing Your Audience Will Respond To

While some content marketing tactics require more resources than others to deliver a significant return, visual content marketing is one of those areas that...

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