4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationship Management

In every industry, no matter what you are selling, or what service you provide, there is some level of customer service or "customer-company interaction." If your company is losing customers, or getting bad reviews, you may need to change your tactics.

5 Steps to Stop Overthinking and Start Testing Something New

We're big advocates of just trying something and seeing where it goes. Our blog is a good example of that approach. It's very "Lean Startup"?—we just decided to do it one day, and we did it in about an hour. We tweeted it out and it took off from there. Here's how other organizations can do the same.

What is Happening to Loyalty?

In difficult economic times price becomes a significant variable. However, customers know value and understand the implications of good customer service versus poor customer service.

“How was everything?” Not a Great Customer Service Question!

"How was everything?" Have you been asked this question by a hotel front desk clerk, a server at a restaurant, or a car salesman after a demo ride? How likely is it that your response is either true or complete?

Growth Comes from Entrepreneurship

There is no country in the world where the culture of entrepreneurship is more central to life for millions of people than the United States. Think of the greatest innovations of the past century, and beyond. How many of them came from the United States?

Customer Service Must Be Judged on a Relative Basis

So many firms are starting to understand just how important it is that they know how their customers evaluate the customer service that they provide. It seems like every day we all get multiple inquires about the quality of service which they rendered.

OnTheRadio Transcript, Interview with Tim Berry

"I think there is a link from the late 60s all the way through to the amazing explosion of possibilities we have with social media today. Bill Gates was like 18 when he did the early version of Microsoft. And the changes in society made that more feasible, compared to the 50s."

Why Entrepreneurs Deserve a Week to Themselves

Maybe all you entrepreneurs of the world have been too caught up in checking off your end-of-the-year to-do lists, or have been too busy burning the midnight oil every night in the office in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but we are currently in the midst of National Entrepreneurship Week!

10 Alarming Signs That Your Business is in Trouble

My grandfather delivered milk by horse and cart. Clopping hooves, the clink of bottles and the promise of daily delivered fresh milk is now but a faint memory. It was his life and business. Large supermarket chains have claimed his job.

Get Your Business Legal Ready for 2014

We've entered the home stretch of 2013 and the holidays are in full swing. The next few weeks will be hectic for everyone, but particularly for small business owners as it is easy to get overwhelmed this time of year. It's time to take a moment to stop and make sure your business is "legally fit" for 2014.

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