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Need to Telecommute? Use These Tech Tools for Optimized Remote Work

By: Brian Wallace



Mastering the art of working remotely can come with many challenges. To begin, let’s take a look at an excerpt from Remote: Office Not Required by John Fried & David Heinemeir, the founders of Basecamp. It reads, “When the bulk of your communication happens via email and the like, it doesn’t take much for bad blood to develop unless everyone is making their best effort to the contrary.” In other words, it takes a specific set of skills to obtain successful remote work habits.

More Important Than Ever

How often do you work on the go? Whether it be at home or through your travels, I can assure you that you aren’t alone in your mobile efforts. Since 2005, the amount of distance workers has increased by 115 percent; and interestingly enough, virtual teams completed 85% of 2016’s global business. Thanks to technology modernizing the office, employees are now more free to contribute, make decisions, and have a voice than ever.

Due to this, workers have more needs and demands than ever. For example, the desperation for modernized means of communication. We’re in the peak of the digital age, and feedback is typically received instantly. As a result, the average employee needs tech to be able to keep up with the speed of their communication.

Digital Messaging Rules

Let’s talk numbers. 74% would rather send an electronic message or note than to have an in-person discussion. Moreover, 76% hope to have more communication tools available to them in the future. Using office tools such as Slack can cater to the aforementioned needs. Slack is a productive teamwork tool that allows digital communication through use of “channels.” In these organized spaces, your entire team can do anything related to a project or topic, all while staying on top of communication and being a part of the office – even while they’re away.

Additionally, more employers want to be seen as trusted partners by the employees. Some more numbers: 9 in 10 workers want their future workplace to be transparent, and 8 in 10 want to learn more about their business’ decision making process. Similarly, 91% want to have stronger relationships with their colleagues.

Technologically speaking, you can have those stronger relationships by using inVision – a collaborative tool designed for making digital media. inVIsion allows real-time interaction, giving the opportunity for immediate feedback and quick updates.

Proper use of tech in the workplace can only make your experience better. Learn more by reading below.

Published: March 18, 2020

Source: Best Masters Programs

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