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3 New Ways to Acquire Customers for Your Property Evaluation Business

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The goal of every business owner is to maximize profits using all acceptable means. If you own a property valuation business you should join the bandwagon.

There are endless ways to ensure that your business is outperforming your competitors. All in all, your focus should be on attracting and retaining new customers. Those customers may even serve as your marketing tools by word of mouth.

So how do you get new customers? Commercial property valuers have used several tactics when trying to attract customers. Nonetheless, the majority of these business owners haven’t paid enough attention to market trends.

This is in spite of the fact that there have been major changes coming from the growth and flooding of the property valuation market. That’s why it’s essential that you also change the tactics that you use to get customers.

Change Tactics

The three tactics discussed below should be useful if you want to attract customers. They are more effective than the older tactics that have been in the market for a long time:

1. Give your old content a new look

There are a couple of facts that you must come into terms with. One is that fresh content is interesting to your customers for a limited period. When the period is over, the content starts to become uninteresting. In the end, it becomes obsolete.

Refreshing content using new keywords and concepts may seem like an ineffective tactic. You may think it has little or no effect on the success of your business. That’s not true – the reality is jaw-dropping. Most businesses have achieved great results by updating their web content.

The feeling that customers have when you update your content is that you’ve also improved in other areas. You should, thus, couple updated content with a few other simple but effective changes. The changes should make way for better customer service.

2. Increase engagement from emails

Not everyone on your subscriber list will open the emails that you’ve sent. Not to worry – you always have a second chance to try and make it work. One of the best ideas is to track the response from your subscribers. As you do so, take note of the ones that did not open the emails even after 48 hours of receiving them.

Resend the emails to everyone who failed to open them, using a completely new email subject. That way, you’ll get a chance at increasing the number of opened emails without being flagged as a spammer. Using the same subject for a second time makes it look like you are sending the same email.

3. Answer Quora questions

People have so many questions, which is why platforms like Quora exist. If you’ve not used Quora before, it’s a question-based platform where one can ask any question that they may have. The answers to these questions are then given by those who have enough information on the subject.

You may wonder how answering questions on Quora can help. Well, here is how it should work: You will offer valuable information to those who need it without charging them. That will create interest that can funnel traffic through to the content you own.

To achieve this, however, you should aim to answer the questions that your content covers. You can use SEMrush to determine the most appropriate questions to answer. That way, you will have a better chance of getting the best return on your time.

There you go, acquiring new customers for your property evaluation business as well as retaining the older ones is not an overly complicated task, so long as you use the right tactics. With the above-discussed tips, you should be in a better position to grow your customer base, even if by a small margin. In any case, your focus should be on making progress that will encourage you to do even better as time goes by.

Published: March 20, 2020

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