Eyeballs Aren’t Everything

Back when we were all trying to figure out the real value of traffic on the web, we investors—and acquiring companies—got a bit crazy with metrics used to value acquisitions and investments.

Smile + Personalization = Customer Service Success

How many times have you purchased something when it was just a transaction? How different when you the customer become a person with a LIFE in which the customer service representative takes genuine interest.

Tips for Having Your Small Business Stage a Large Event

Small businesses can throw large events. But, as you know, large events come with large responsibilities. If an event coordinator is out of your budget, you're using in-house staff to plan the event, and each individual involved needs to wear many hats throughout the event coordination and execution process.

The Customer Satisfaction Conundrum

The bottom line is the customer satisfaction is not as simple as it used to be. No longer are customers uniquely loyal to only one brand. Certainly, it is important to maintain customer satisfaction, but the satisfaction scores by themselves are not sufficient to ensure sustainability and growth.

SBC Interview: Zapier’s Wade Foster

Wade Foster is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier, a service connecting many of the web apps that people use. With a background in marketing, Wade has helped build the company from the ground up.

Should #Minwage be $100 Per Hour?

If you look at the trending tweets on twitter about #minwage, you can actually see minimum wage inflation just by reading the tweets. These are very compelling memes if they were true, but there's more to the story.

Customer Service from the C-Suite to the Mail Room

In a recent interview, I was asked questions about why the leaders of a company in the "C-Suite" should focus on customer service. While the customer service vision may start in the C-Suite, everyone must own the responsibility.

Sickness in the Workplace: 7 Ways to Reduce the Impact on Your Business

Sickness is estimated to cost more than $576 billion each year in lost productivity, worker's comp, and lost revenue in America alone. So as a business owner why wouldn't you put some systems or strategies in place to reduce sickness in the workplace?

Why You Need Interns, and Why You Should Pay Them

What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ursula Burns, Tony Adams, and Andrea Jung have in common? Believe it or not, they all got their start as interns.

Come Sail Away from Competitors with Customer Service

This weekend I took a stroll down memory lane at a fantastic Styx and Foreigner Soundtrack of Summer concert. What was interesting to me from a business and customer service standpoint was the many ways the audience was involved in the concert.

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