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Two businesswoman discuss investment project working and planning strategy with tablet laptop computer in modern office.

How a Buddy System Enhances Onboarding for New Employees

The onboarding process sets the tone for an employee’s tenure within a company. It’s the first impression, and as the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. The buddy system…

Portrait of a medical worker typing a medical report on her computer in the lobby.

Streamline Your Clinic: Advantages of Remote Medical Receptionists

Operating a clinic comes with its challenges. Balancing care, administrative duties, and ensuring the clinic’s operation can be overwhelming for healthcare entrepreneurs. A practical solution to ease some of these responsibilities is hiring a remote…

an employee consulting clients on staffing

Key Staff Proposal Points for Candidate Evaluations

When preparing a staffing proposal, it is essential to consider the various elements that enable quick and effective candidate evaluations. Your staffing proposal should align with your business objectives, focusing on attracting talent that will…

a doggie co-worker

The Paw-tential Benefits of Canine Colleagues at Work

According to a study by CESAR® Canine Cuisine on pets in the workplace, dog-friendly policies can have a positive impact on company culture, the employee experience, recruitment, and worker retention. Check out these stats to…

an at work daycare with happy children

4 Workplace Benefits that Support Parents

Balancing work and life can be challenging for many parents, especially when it comes to affording child care. When employers recognize and address this need, they’re not only helping working families, they’re also positioning themselves…

conducting an interview remotely

How to Identify Candidate’s Values in Remote Hiring

Nowadays, people are more interested in working remote jobs, and identifying a candidate’s values might become more challenging for recruiters and hiring managers in the hiring process. The candidate’s values must be aligned with a…

a hiring interview

11 Things Successful HR Teams Know

HR teams are facing many challenges as hybrid work models have underlined the need to update obsolete processes. Thankfully, human nature remains a constant, so fine-tuning processes and leveraging new tech can kickstart HR processes…

invest in your team

Invest in Your Team With Competitive Benefits Packages

Invest in your team? Isn’t that what you did when you hired them? There’s definitely some truth to that. Payroll and benefits are some of the biggest expenses that most businesses experience. Unambiguously, it is…

3 Tips for Effectively Onboarding Remote Employees

As remote work continues to redefine the modern workplace, establishing a structured onboarding program becomes paramount. However, effectively onboarding remote employees presents unique challenges that require careful consideration and planning. A well-defined onboarding process ensures…

Guide: How to improve the recruitment process with ChatGPT

Statista shows that the global index of interest of ChatGPT in Google reached 100 in February 2023. The AI-powered system has become so popular because of its ability to answer questions and sound like a…

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