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Common Safety Concerns at Work

Common Safety Concerns at Work

When people leave their home and go to work in the morning, they don’t assume they are going to be involved in an accident; however, an accident can happen at any time. Some accidents are more common than others, so it is critical to take every safety precaution possible. This starts by knowing some of the most common safety concerns and how they can lead to accidents.

First, the most common workplace accident involves a fall. There are numerous ways that someone might suffer a fall at work. Some people slip and fall on a wet floor. Other people might trip and fall going down the stairs. Still more people suffer a fall when they tumble from a table or scaffold that hasn’t been positioned properly. In order to minimize the number of falls via this method, it is important to reduce the amount of time people spend around an unguarded ledge or an improperly positioned table. This is where a scissor lift table can come in handy. A scissor lift table can help protect someone from these fall hazards, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. It is incumbent on everyone to take steps to reduce the frequency of workplace accidents and injuries.

Next, another common cause of workplace accidents and injuries involves being hit or struck by a falling object. This can happen in almost any line of work. When someone is reaching up to get an object from a high shelf or cabinet, something might fall from this location inadvertently. This will lead to an injury from a falling object. In order cases, someone might be doing construction on a rooftop when something falls from the roof itself. This might strike someone below, leading to a variety of injuries. This might even lead to a concussion. When possible, it is important to rope off these areas and encourage people to wear proper safety gear and watch for people who might be walking below. This can reduce the chances of someone being struck by a falling object.

In addition, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common workplace injury. While many people assume they are going to be safe if they spend their days typing on a computer, this is not always the case. Repetitive typing can lead to inflammation in the carpal tunnel of the wrist. The carpal tunnel is responsible for protecting blood vessels and nerves that pass through the wrist and into the hand. The median nerve provides motor and sensory functions to the hand and wrist. In carpal tunnel syndrome, this nerve becomes inflamed, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. People will feel shooting, stabbing, numbness, and tingling of the wrist. In many cases, individuals will require surgery to open the carpal tunnel and relieve this pressure. There are also ergonomic devices that individuals can invest in to protect their wrists against the development of this syndrome.

Repetitive lifting can even lead to a muscular hernia in another part of the body. A hernia develops when an organ ruptures the muscular casing that is supposed to protect it. Some of the most common locations for a hernia include the groin, abdomen, and sides of the body. Some people might notice a bulge that is present in the location of the hernia. There might also be pain, redness, and swelling. Depending on the location, a hernia can severely restrict someone’s mobility. Eventually, most hernias are going to require surgery to repair. Therefore, it is best to avoid these injuries when possible. Everyone needs to make sure they are lifting properly.

Finally, many people suffer injuries due to heavy lifting. Whenever someone is lifting a heavy object, it is important to lift with the legs, not the back. When people lift with the muscles in their back, this can lead to a muscle strain, a muscle tear, a nerve injury, or even a herniated disc. A herniated disc develops when someone damages the cushions that are present between the vertebrae of the spine. These discs are there to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. When someone suffers a herniated disc, the nerves that are present between the vertebrae end up getting compressed. This can lead to shooting pains that travel down the legs, impacting someone’s ability to walk, run, or take the stairs.

These are only a few of the many injuries that someone might suffer at work. If someone gets hurt while on the job, this might make it hard for someone to provide for his or her family. Some of these injuries may even require surgery. Be sure to invest in the proper safety equipment such as eye protection, hardhats, gloves, and scissor lift tables. This can go a long way toward preventing workplace injuries from happening.

Published: January 29, 2020

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