How to Drastically Increase Your Company’s Productivity in Just Three Months

Overwhelmed with to-dos, meetings, and reminders? Get on the fast track to better productivity in 90 days. This three-month plan will help you gradually increase your efficiency by helping you identify where you're spending too much time and offering suggestions that will streamline your operations.

Last Impressions

So many businesses go out of their way to make sure their first impressions are great but forget how important last impressions are. Last impressions are how customers decide if they will continue doing business with you, so I think last impressions are more important than first impressions in many ways.

True Story: How I Took on New Employees for my Startup

Back in 1993, Palo Alto Software had been mostly consulting with a stubborn insistence on software products that were not paying for themselves (yet). I was troubled with the risk and fixed cost of hiring people to help with my then-fledgling software company.

If You Want to Disrupt Your Market, Look to the People on the Sidelines

A huge opportunity for entrepreneurs lies in taking advantage of that very slice of the market: The people who are sitting on the sideline, waiting for you to show them why they should even buy a particular type of product or service at all. This is disruptive innovation at its best, and it's an increasingly viable way to achieve business success.

Customer Zombies

A recent study from Colloquy found that more than 50% of customers who initiate a loyalty program failed to return. Customers become zombies when they lose interest in the company, product or service.

Why Self-Evaluation and Job Descriptions Matter Even More for Startups

One of the most challenging aspects of working for a startup is also the thing that makes it so exciting. As the company grows, roles and structures change. For better or for worse, your job description can change dramatically in mere months.

Driving Change: Would You Be a Successful Chief Innovation Officer?

So how do you know if leading innovation is right for you (and your organization)? How do you know if you have what it takes to be the chief innovator at your company?

You Can Be a Customer Service Hero (Don’t Miss the Opportunity!)

Want to find more opportunities to shine? Don't just look for problems or wait for emergencies—make it a point to give customers a little more of your time. Customers who receive extra will go away feeling that you are a hero.

Is It Too Late to Reinvent Our Universities?

As a dad, entrepreneur, optimist and Idea Monkey, I'll start by submitting three empowering concepts that colleges should have embraced 10 years ago, and with the proper leadership, they could absolutely be dominating today.

Fuse American Culture with Your Own to Succeed

A laid-off MBA turned successful entrepreneur, Reema Khan explains the advantages of American culture for immpreneurs.

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