How User-Friendly is Your Business? 4 Ways to Avoid Becoming Frenemies with Your Customers

No matter how you've been doing business in the past, you must realize that customers are looking for the newest, easiest, or most convenient way to shop and get their services.

What Employment Laws Apply to My Company?

Employers are required to comply with numerous federal, state, and local employment laws. Certain laws affect virtually all employers, including but not limited to, the FLSA, IRCA, the OSH Act, and USERRA. Other laws, such as COBRA or FMLA, only apply to employers of a certain size. In this Tip, we provide a summary of some of the major federal employment laws based on employer size.

Popular Misconceptions of Retailing

Countless misconceptions exist concerning today's retail industry, and we want to air them all out and explain why they're false. When it comes to a misconception about the retail industry, it's important to make sure that no information slips under the cracks.

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Adding employees not only allows for you to expand your business and cast a wider net for your products or services, but also allows for improved efficiency and a more well-rounded business overall.

Why Your Company Needs a Buy-Sell Agreement

Think about a buy-sell agreement as what you need in the event you want to buy out a partner or co-owner. Also, what will happen if a person who is part of the business heads off to what they think are greener pastures?

Interns: “Do I Have to Pay Them?” and Other FAQs

Interns across the country will be joining the workplace this summer to learn new skills and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. When they do, questions about how to structure the program, whether the intern is entitled to pay, and what records are needed to document the relationship often arise. In this Tip, we answer common questions about internships.

How to Avoid a Weak Brand in a Post-Patent World

Patents. They're great things aren't they? Have you given any thought to the day when that patent runs out? Maybe it seems so far away, that it simply isn't on the radar.

Adaptability the Key to Long-Term Survival

One thing we can be certain about is that nothing is certain—no matter how much we plan. While planning is critical and necessary, no plan is a guarantee.

An Inside Look at Working at Apple

Jordan Price, a mobile designer at Apple, recently quit his job—a job many would dream of having. Well, perhaps not. In a blog post about why he quit, Price makes Apple seem like a pretty horrible work environment.

US Restaurant Sales Expected to Increase in 2014

How is your restaurant looking for the 2014 forecast? Multiple media outlets have been reporting that U.S. restaurant industry sales are projected to go beyond $683 billion in 2014, which would be an increase of 3.6 percent from 2013.

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