Why You Need Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (BII), which is intended to compensate the company for income lost in the event physical damage renders it inoperable for a period of time, can provide so much value in so many ways.

3 Tasks Every Small Business Should Outsource to Save Money

Many small business owners hold themselves back from outsourcing because they have doubts. Can I trust people outside my company? Will they accomplish what I want the way I want to do it? Why pay someone else to do it if I can do it myself?

6 Big Small Business Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Thanks to technology and innovative thinking, the turn of the calendar each year brings some new or evolving trends with it when it comes to the small business landscape. For 2014 and beyond, here are some important small business trends of note.

How to Profit from Great Adventures

The opportunities we strive for manifest themselves in countless ways. Being in business for myself virtually my whole working career, places the responsibility of generating income squarely in my lap. One of the more interesting ways I've accomplished this is to develop my own opportunities and watch them grow.

Guide to Writing a Contract

The five steps to writing a contract are checking to see if there is an offer, accepting an offer, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract, putting it in writing, and printing, copying, and signing the contract.

3 Social Media Tips for Finding Your Star Employee

Being social media savvy may make your search easier and improve your results. It's the "social" aspect of the social media that makes them a good tool for recruiting.

Focus on the Customer, Not the Money

Striving to take your business to the next level of success? Perhaps it's time to refocus. Stop worrying so much about the sale, and just take care of the customer. Whether the customer is buying right now or not, if you deliver the best service you can, eventually the sale will come.

Agility: The New Currency of Growth

Whether you are David and Goliath, Blockbuster and Netflix, the Encyclopedia Britannica and Google, agility is the new currency of growth. There's more bad news for the heavyweights because even when they LOVE the lumbering giant, the little guy can unwittingly bring him down.

Are You Making it Difficult for Your Customers to do Business with You?

Feedback from your customers is critical to the success of your business, but there are many things they are simply not going to tell you. Just because your customers are not saying anything about them does not mean they are not costing you business.

6 Changes Your Business May Need to Make for Success

Businesses need to constantly change and adapt in response to the market, new technologies, and consumer demands. Operating under certain traditional business philosophies can actually stifle growth and increase expenditures.
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