Your Character Traits Need to Match the Job

Assessing characteristics of a current employee or a potential employee and matching their character with a suitable role within your company is not only vital to the success of your employees but also your business.

Freelancers are the New Entrepreneurs for Services

You don't need to invent an innovative product to be a real entrepreneur. Self-employed services specialists are just as important, and most often operate remotely (from anywhere in the world) in this age of the Internet. Many of these new entrepreneurs were regular employees a few years ago, focused on a skill specialty. They are not the generalists required for new product startups.

10 Tips for Making Payroll Simple and Stress Free

Payroll can be one of the most cumbersome areas for business owners to tackle. Number-crunching, creating reports, and keeping track of all kinds of data is enough to make many individuals want to hide under their desks.

Social Media Strategy Drives Employee Engagement

If company leaders are NOT blogging and tweeting about the values of your business, how could you expect front line staffers to do so? It is surprising, then, that only 6% of businesses active in social networks are using it to motivate existing employees.

Take a Picture of Your Business for a Chance to Win $1500

Over the past 15 years, we at have helped thousands of small business owners start up and formalize their companies, and one of our favorite parts about helping small businesses is seeing how they define and present themselves.

5 Customer Service Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Ah, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, quite possibly the busiest shopping day of the year. Even if you're not a retailer, read on. There are lessons here that can be applied to any business that experiences a "busy season."

How to Successfully Hire the Right Attorney for Your Small Biz

Previously, I've written about how professional advisors are an ace in the hole for small businesses. Many of you have responded by inquiring how to choose and work with the right attorney for your small business.

Is This Partner Arrangement Fair?

I get these emails, summarizing one side of an argument, asking me to guess or comment on fairness. For example, in an email I just received, the one asking me has worked for 18 months "with significant intellectual contribution."

Cash Isn’t King: 4 Tips for Employee Retention

Employee retention is a hot topic as the economy slowly improves and employees' job options are increasing. Lucky for bootstrapped startups, cash isn't king when it comes to employee retention.

5 Ways to Effectively Train New Hires

Companies typically spend countless time and money hiring the ideal candidate, but then tend to stop such efforts before the training stage. It's no secret training programs can be pricey, but are they worth it?

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