How to Start That Online Business You’ve Been Thinking About

Is this the year you will finally launch that brilliant new business idea? It's a good time to start—never before has it been easier or cheaper to build your own Web-based business. Technology has come a long way in the last few years in making tools for building sites more accessible to everyone (not just technologists).

Your Online Reputation: The Better It Is, The More Successful Your Business Will Be

A poor business reputation can act as a drag on a company's profits and growth prospects, often without the business owner even knowing it. In contrast, a positive reputation can not only enhance the company's bottom line...

Do You Understand Your Differentiation? Does Your Customer?

Over the past few weeks, I've written a number of posts about Value Propositions and Pricing. They've generated a lot of conversation in various venues. One of the things that's struck me is the lack of discussion on differentiation.

How to Beat the Competition with Boldness!

If you are bold enough to really position yourselves as leaders in your fields you can develop powerful relationships. Most companies simply follow the leader and their brands and brand images reflect this. These are short lived differentiators developed with little thought but appreciated by competitors who appreciate how bold branding can really benefit them.

5 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Bookshelf Brand

“A Bookshelf Brand.” It sounds like it might be a compliment doesn't it? At first glance, you might think of the bookshelf as a place where you keep your important stories and reference resources. I can see how one could think that way, but I have a different idea in mind. To me, a bookshelf brand refers to brands that are inactive for any reason.

10 Laws for Creating an Effective Personal Brand

For many small business owners, they are the brand of their business. It's about you, as an individual. So what steps should you take to create an effective personal brand? Here are 10 tips.

Online Strategy Basics

It’s not enough just to have a website. Your website needs to generate leads and sales for your business. Doing that requires a strategic approach to the web, and there are some basic principles and guidelines you can follow to a successful online strategy.

Marketing Basics

Marketing people love to say that products don’t sell themselves. But priority number one should be on making a great product—and then using marketing to bring people to a product that is already great. If you do things in the right order, you’ll maximize your returns.

Make Time for Strategic Planning

Small business entrepreneurs must have a plan. Too many small business people, however, don’t make enough time for strategic thinking and planning. Here are 5 simple tips to make sure you’re making the plans you need for your business’s future.

Loss Leaders

Customer acquisition is a major cost for any business, and there are a number of strategies you can use to tackle this problem. One alternative is the classic “Loss Leader” approach, getting customers in the door to buy your entry-level product.

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