Savannah Marie

Savannah Marie is a blogger and editor of her blog, Mixios. She is passionate about online marketing, business, social media and public relations. When she isn’t focused on the newest trending topic, she is writing, baking, reading and enjoying life! 


6 Tips for Creating a Professional Work Environment

It’s no surprise that an employee’s attitude can make a huge difference on his or her work. As a manager and leader, you should strive for a positive work environment while helping your employees develop into essential components of the overall team.

Using Data to Build Consumer Relationships: 3 Tips for Success

As a marketer, you understand the importance of building solid customer relationships. Relationships can make the difference between a potential sale being lost and a loyal, long-time customer that returns and refers others time and time again.

4 Principles That Will Help You Hit Your Mark With Your Homepage

The first thing customers see when they visit your website is the home page, so it stands to reason that you really want to hit your mark with it. Many will take that to mean the homepage should be loaded up with as much pizazz as possible just to wow your first time visitors.

Cause Marketing and Why Customers Care

You’ve probably heard of cause marketing before. We see examples every year, from Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, which promotes positive body image, to Lee’s National Denim Day, which raises awareness of breast cancer via an initiative to donate $5 for the right to wear jeans to work on October’s first Friday.

How to Master Content Marketing for Your Boring Niche

There’s a common misconception floating around that if you focus on niche content, you won’t have much success. That is a completely bogus and wholly inaccurate view.

How to Combine Marketing Channels for Better Consumer Engagement

If you’re focusing too much on one area, you may not be reaching your entire target audience or delivering the right message at the right time and place. Using multiple channels is the best strategy for boosting traffic and increasing sales.

5 Tips to Finding and Keeping Talented Employees

Seeking new talent and acquiring it is a good thing, but having a constant turnover of employees coming and going can be detrimental to the performance, and overall sustainability of your company.

5 Types of Visual Content That Connect

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you’re marketing online, it’s also true that your pictures are competing with thousands of others.

Why Audience Intent Should Be at the Top of Your Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content strategy, SEO has traditionally been the primary focus for digital marketing professionals. This strategy is no longer enough, as content marketing has become the key to search engine performance and building a successful digital presence.

5 Content Marketing Tactics That Drive Traffic

If you ever wondered why some businesses seem to perpetually be able to keep online visitors interested, but you can’t figure out their secrets, chances are it has a lot to do with certain types of content.