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How to Master Content Marketing for Your Boring Niche

There’s a common misconception floating around that if you focus on niche content, you won’t have much success. That is a completely bogus and wholly inaccurate view. Believe it or not, what many would consider to be a “boring” topic actually provides ample opportunity for success. You just need to know how to take your niche and make it work for you.

How to Take Advantage of Your “Boring” Niche
If your brand or content is truly considered “niche,” then that’s a good thing. It means that you can provide interesting and unique content. Believe me when I say, people are still hungry for it—they’re just tired of seeing the same old thing day in and day out.
Many seem to think that mainstream is the way to go, but that is absolutely wrong, especially when it comes to marketing. By the time a topic, subject or piece of content has hit mainstream success, most people have already become desensitized to it. This is primarily because everyone wants in on the success, so when something hits it big, that’s exactly what every marketer, business and industry professional hones in on.
If you’re running a niche business or content platform, then you are at a distinct advantage because people don’t hear about it often, and that makes it interesting. They don’t generally get to see the facts, data, content and other info you can pass on because no one else has it.
Where you see “boring” because exposure may be minimal for the time being, others will see interesting. Dissolve, a company that specializes in stock video footage, used its own product to create a hilarious and compelling ad. They took a topic that was boring and made it interesting, and the subsequent ad went viral because of it. Let’s take a look at some ways you can do that for your own brand and content.
How to Take Your Niche and Get People Interested
It will definitely take hard work to get your niche content visible. That doesn’t mean it’s not interesting, it just means you have to find a way to get it in front of people.
Here are some great ways you can augment your content in order to grow your audience.
  • Take collected information and present it by using current fads and popular trends.
  • Take info and data that would otherwise be “boring” if presented directly, and repurpose it using a little bit of creativity.
  • Add attractive visuals that relate to your content such as infographics, photos and even concept designs.
  • Pay attention to existing traffic and what type of content gets the most views. Use that to your advantage when creating new material.
  • Produce more engaging content and get your audience involved.
  • Use alternate mediums like videos, GIFs, and even podcasts to get your message across.
  • If you have the budget, use paid promotion techniques to boost content views.
  • Run contests and promotions to get people interested in your products, services or content.
  • Take advantage of social media and encourage your audience to share the content you deliver.
Real World Example
While there are some great tips listed above, it always helps to have a real-world example. Hydroworx, a physical therapy pool provider, uses a lot of those strategies to build exposure for its brand and content. Information about physical therapy, or more specifically water-based therapy, is certainly what one can consider a “boring” niche. However, Hydroworx makes its brand and content relevant by introducing several partnerships and big names along with other unique strategies.
It appeals to sports fans and enthusiasts by featuring stories like that of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s rehabilitation—he tore his ACL back in January, 2013. They also appeal to members of military by offering some great tips on how they can streamline recovery after an injury and get back to serving their country. Furthermore, on the Hydroworx blog they reveal lots of useful information and data about the many different types of recovery programs that can be done with physical therapy pools.
We could list dozens, no, hundreds, of great things the brand has done with its content but the main point is Hydroworx uses the tools at its disposal to really make its niche interesting.
Don’t bow out of the game just because you’re not considered a mainstream channel. In fact, that’s an incredibly poor excuse if it’s the one you use. Take some time to make your niche stand out, by allowing your audience to get excited about it. If you need some inspiration, keep an eye on Hydroworx or take a peek at a few other niche brands like Dissolve.
Published: July 1, 2014

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