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4 Top Tips to Get Your New Business Noticed on a Budget

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If you have started, or are thinking about starting a new business, one of your first concerns will undoubtedly be, “How can I get my business noticed?”

Well you will be pleased to know that marketing your businesses successfully doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult, and that with a little know-how you can have potential local, national and international customers recognizing your brand, product or service.

So what can you do to boost your presence in the market without exhausting your entire budget? Here are 4 top tips.

Take Advantage of Social Media

You probably check your personal Facebook page regularly and retweet the latest goings on in the celebrity world—so why don’t you do the same for your business?

Around 40% of a website’s traffic comes from a business’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as other websites and blogs; so really put some thought into social media advertising by starting your own business page.

But there is more to advertising than just online exposure. Offline marketing is just as important and may get you more publicity for your money.

Direct Mail Marketing

Flyers and leaflets have been around for years, but thanks to the modern twist on this traditional marketing strategy, it is now easier and more cost effective than ever to get your brand noticed.

Getting in touch with a reputable leaflet delivery company may be your best bet to getting your leaflets delivered to your target audience. They can also help you with printing and tracking your campaign’s success. But if you don’t have the budget, what’s stopping you doing it yourself?

Get Networking

There will always be someone out there who wants to hear about your ideas, business or product—it’s just a matter of finding them. Both online and offline methods can be successful for this. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn can help you connect with like-minded businesses as well as those influential individuals who can help you get noticed.

Offline methods such as networking breakfasts, business meetings and word of mouth can also get you in touch with those that matter in the business world.

Don’t Forget Newsletters

Newsletters can often be just as effective as flyers if they reach the right individuals. It is important to think outside the box though. Decide on your audience, whether that is customers or other businesses and write to suit their needs. When we read something, we’re looking for something that interests us and is of value.

So write your business plan, decide on your budget and get marketing. It doesn’t cost the earth to get noticed by businesses and by customers, all you need are the right tools and the drive to put them in to action.

James LaneAuthor: James Lane Marketing Manager of Essex Distributions (www.essex-distributions.com), is part of a ten-strong team pushing leaflet distribution services throughout London & Essex, who is passionate about offline marketing and media.

Published: July 31, 2014

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