6 Surefire Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more than just a network for picturesque breakfasts and cappuccinos. In modern digital marketing, it’s one of the best platforms for establishing...

Social Media as a Tool to Turn Small Business into a Big Brand

If you want to get brand recognition and clients, offline ads are not enough anymore and neither is paid online advertising. What you need to do is start presenting your business on social networks and being visible there.

5 Benefits of Using Green Screen Backgrounds in Web Video

With user-friendly video software and cheap materials, green screen is now easily available to the general public. There are many unique and interesting ways to utilize a green screen to take your videos to the next level.

7 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Its Social Media Marketing

If your small business is conducting social media marketing, it is among the 80 percent of U.S. small businesses that do. But did you know that more than half of small businesses (54 percent) say their greatest need for help is with social media marketing?

SEO Marketing Strategies: Inside a Digital Agency with Patrick Stox

Let's talk SEO. Patrick Stox, SEO Project Supervisor at Thee Design Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina joins me to discuss SEO marketing strategies and what goes on at a digital agency.

The 6 Most Important Reasons You Need Social Media Monitoring and Customer Service

Social media channels have taken over as the main platforms for your customers to express their views on a particular product or service. Any...

10 Link Building Strategies for Local Businesses

Link building is one of the most difficult, and beneficial, aspects of SEO. It requires persistence and planning to run a link building campaign...

The 3 Essential Elements of a Lead Generation LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the de facto site for professionals. How you portray yourself in your LinkedIn profile will have far-reaching implications in your ability to leverage the site for new business opportunities. Visitors to your page must get a clear picture of what you do, what you have done, and what steps to take to engage with you.

10 Top Digital Marketing Automation Tools That Could Transform Your Business

It was 2008. Trying to find a way to shorten a link for Twitter to get the tweet under 140 characters was a challenge....

3 Steps to a Successful First Periscope Broadcast

Twitter’s new live streaming app, Periscope, is quickly gaining popularity, especially with the online marketing crowd. Periscope’s recently released stats show their audience has...

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