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How Rotating Residential Proxies Revolutionized the E-commerce Space

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The e-commerce market is booming worldwide as consumers prefer the convenience and comfort of shopping from home. To understand their rivals’ products, strategies, and success, e-commerce platforms are researching the market and industry to glean insights. This alternative data collection leads to the e-commerce revolution.

E-commerce scraping has thus important as e-tail players look to extract valuable information from competitor platforms to improve their own marketing strategies. With the right data, small and large businesses can reinvent themselves. Therefore, data mining by using rotating residential proxies has become widespread.

Successful online retailers are utilizing data-driven methods to understand what their consumers desire, which strategies are proving effective, and where their competitors and the market are heading.

What are Rotating Residential Proxies?

To research rival websites and platforms, it’s essential to avoid identification and blacklisting. Websites will ban users if they scrape numerous pages or download several documents using one IP address. The solution is to use multiple rotating proxies that provide several IP addresses to mask your real one. In this manner, rotating residential proxies enable productive and secure data scraping.

The target websites will think the requests are coming from different regular users and not a single computer. Therefore, they will permit the requests and allow you to extract the needed data. Another advantage is residential proxies can keep your data safe from cyber-criminals and hackers.

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Quality residential proxy providers offer a collection of unused IPs that cannot be identified as proxies. They also provide proxies from a range of places, including U.S. proxies. These proxies can switch IP addresses for each new action. You can thus select a proxy from a place that does not have the risk of getting restricted or blocked to scrape your rival websites for data.

How are Rotating Residential Proxies Revolutionizing the E-commerce Space?

Now, let’s look at the ways e-commerce platforms are using rotating residential proxies to gain an edge over their competitors:

●         E-commerce Web Scraping & Crawling for Alternative Data Collection

E-commerce data crawling and scraping provide information on effective keywords, ranking, reviews, and pricing. Keywords are important as they offer insight into how customers are performing searches, the ranking of the searched products, and the number of searches for particular items. For instance, on Amazon, buyers purchase most products after entering organic search phrases and therefore it’s essential for such e-commerce platforms to refine their SEO keyword strategies.

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E-commerce companies also use web scraping to find about the price changes implemented by their competitors. Customers look for the cheapest price and an e-commerce site can offer this to them if they know the latest rates of their competitors. Scraping and crawling facilitate up-to-date pricing research so companies can instantly implement effective e-commerce pricing strategies.

●         Competitor Research

The e-commerce market is very competitive and it’s hard for companies to attain the top place. Therefore, web scraping has become important to perform competitor research. It enables you to collect information about your competitors so you can make effective decisions.

E-commerce websites realize this and therefore deploy advanced techniques like presenting CAPTCHA, data skewing, and blocking or flagging IP addresses to safeguard their platform from data scraping. Thus, it has become essential to use e-commerce residential proxies to scrape the required data from large e-commerce sites without getting noticed and blacklisted. These proxies make you look local and authentic, and thus enable smooth web scraping.

You can automate data collection and obtain information on important elements like pricing intelligence by bypassing the blocking features and restrictions on competitor sites. The proxies allow you to make several requests successfully to obtain data as the target website will think the requests are coming from different legitimate sources.

Another advantage is an increase in data scraping and mining capacity as you can extract large volumes of data quickly unlike manual operations. This is because reliable proxies can boost your browsing and scraping speed.

●         E-commerce Price Monitoring

Rotating residential proxies facilitate e-commerce price monitoring that allows you to keep yourself updated on market prices, boost your brand’s online visibility and growth, increase sales and profit numbers, and improve your conversion rates.

●         Understanding Your Customers Using Product Review Data

By accessing and analyzing customer reviews, e-commerce sites can boost their product development and marketing strategies. Customers provide information about useful and needless features in a product in their reviews. For example, some customers may prefer same-day delivery rather than a faultless item or vice versa.

User reviews offer insightful feedback about the products of a company and its competitors. Therefore, it has become essential for e-commerce players to scrape customer reviews so they can get insights into buyer preferences and likes and dislikes. E-tailers can use this data to make the needed changes to improve their products and services.


E-commerce retailers need relevant and valuable data about their customers, market trends, and competitors so they can make informed decisions. To obtain pertinent alternative data, you need efficient web scraping tools and reliable rotating residential proxies that can enable secure, anonymous, and fruitful data scraping.

Published: January 20, 2021

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