Do You Feel Pulled in Multiple Marketing Directions?

Marketing has embraced every new channel and technology that it changes at the speed of light. And with those changes come specialists who claim that theirs is the best on the block for your small business or nonprofit organization.

Mobile Website Design: Target Your Least Loyal Customer

Have you noticed all the one-page websites that seem to be taking over the Internet? They have the advantage that they don't require any clicking on the part of the user, which leads to wait times while pages load.

The Money’s in the Magazine: Why SMBs Need Print Marketing

While it may seem that this digital age has all but eradicated the necessity for in-hand marketing, print is not dead! There are several reasons why the smart business owner still invests in tangible print media. We'd like to share those reasons with you.

Here are the Top Colors for Spring 2017!

Every time Pantone comes out with their top color choices, I like to share them with you. Even though the colors are more indicative...

Charging Customers for Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a goal for any company that wants to be successful. Countless studies have shown the financial benefits of having loyal customers over having to continuously attract new customers. There are a variety of ways to achieve customer loyalty, and some of these include:

Breaking AdWords Announcements: A Renewed Focus on Users

The team at AdWords had been teasing about a huge update on 4/22 for better part of a month. Unlike Enhanced Campaigns, minimal information was provided ahead of time to agencies.

The Marketing Trends You Need to Know About Moving into 2017

Every year brings new technology and trends in marketing that can affect your franchise … for better or worse. Knowing what’s coming up in...

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

My friend Tim Ohai has a brilliant bet he makes with sales people. He puts a $100 bill on the table, saying, "If you can talk about your customer, their problems, opportunities, and challenges for 20 minutes, without ever mentioning your products, the $100 is yours."

10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

It's that time again to publish digital marketing predictions for the new year. Some of the below predictions were easy to make, while others weren't so obvious. It will take us over a year to know which predictions will be spot-on and which won't, but in the meantime let's prognosticate together.

How to Turn Your Best Customers into Referral Machines

You want to invest your time and effort where you know you will find your best prospects. But how, exactly, will you find those best prospects?

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