Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?

Many businesses are lagging behind in adopting social media at their companies for a variety of reasons. There is no mistaking the fact that social media marketing has resulted in countless marketing successes, however, despite these figures some businesses want more evidence to prove the benefits of social media before expending the costs.

How to Win Back Former Customers

Do you remember the children's song "Make New Friends, but Keep the Old?" Unfortunately many businesses do not, and instead are singularly focused on finding as many new customers as possible.

Polish Your Online Reputation Before You Launch Your Business

Whether there are too many Facebook photos of you with red solo cups, you've got an ex who blogged about your relationship in detail,...

How to Get to Yes

We all love to hear more yeses and Yes is the key to more sales in any direct sales business. Here is a simple system to boost your number of yeses so that you can increase sales and make more money from home.

5 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Increasing your landing page conversion rate requires some creativity and consistency with your original calls to action. The ideal landing page incorporates an attractive visual to draw in the user, with clearly presented value points that encourage a simple form submission.

New Facebook Page? Here’s How to Get People to Like You

You just set up your Facebook Page: great! The next step is to actually connect with people, which means you'll have to get them to "like" your Page. When people like your Page you'll have an audience you can engage with on Facebook.

Mastering PPC: Tips and Tricks for Text Ads

As you head down the road that is ad copy creation, the first stop you want to make is text ads. Text ads are one of the most commonly used ad formats. These ads can be used both in the search and content networks. For this post we'll be looking specifically at running text ads on Google.

Tips to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget, Part 1

Many businesses have come to realize that trade shows are an indispensable part of their marketing/sales process. Although there is a lot of value...

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Video [Infographic]

Even the least tech-savvy people know one universal truth about the internet: viral videos are king. What makes a video spread like wildfire across the internet is hard to pin down, but the most important detail is that it resonates with its audience enough to get the sharing ball rolling.

Giving and REALLY Receiving

Early on in The Go-Giver, Joe, upon realizing he would not land a desired account, referred them to one of his competitors who was in a...

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