Throw Away Your Value Proposition, It’s Meaningless!

Hold onto your outbursts of, "Dave, you've lost it!" Also, recognize that I may be playing a few word games—but with a purpose.

Tap Into the Power of Timely Sales Follow Ups

Recently in this space I shared two simple tips for increasing sales: Unless your prospect tells you directly to stop calling, keep calling, and See yourself as...

Do You Meet People and Subscribe Them to Your List?

Dear Business Person I Just Met, It was lovely to meet you at that business networking (or other) event. When I gave you my business...

Social Media Sensation: 3 Common Strategies to Improve Your Company Image

If customers don't trust your company or don't like something about your brand, they aren't going to want to buy its products or services....

Turn That Bad Review Upside-Down

A bad review may mean bad business for your company. The business listings available online are great to gain exposure but they also mean that you're under the scrutiny of your customers.

How to Avoid the Unsubscribe Trap

Your email channel is your cheapest channel to communicate with customers. When used correctly, it will be your most efficient communication channel. So how do you avoid the spam trap?

5 Unique Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic

10 years ago you could hit publish on a blog post, sit back, and watch the traffic roll in… But in 2017 things are different. Even...

Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Customer

If you have taken the time to write your mission statement and created a direct sales marketing plan then the next step is to describe your ideal customer.

6 Surprising Retail Trends in 2017

Retail is a rapidly changing environment, both online and offline. Technological advancements and a shift towards omnichannel marketing strategies have impacted both environments. Many...

How Do Our Customers Make Money?

At the core of everything we do as sales people, it's about making money, that is producing revenue for our companies. But that's not what drives our success as sales people.

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