Easy Steps to Getting Local Government Contracts: Part 1

Working with the federal government for contracts can be cumbersome because it is the largest buyer of goods and services in the entire world; it can be especially difficult for a small business. That's why many small businesses are choosing to work instead with the state or local government.

How to Make a Business Partnership a Success

Business partnerships have their advantages and disadvantages. Taking on a business partner is like a entering into a marriage. Certain guidelines should be taken into consideration along with a path to follow.

How to Improve Your Website Copy

Your business or nonprofit website is your #1 digital real estate. It’s the place your prospective and existing customers visit to solve a problem...

Mini Marketing

The list of marketing tactics that you can use to reach an audience is staggering. The different ways you can slice and dice humankind...

How Can I Get Free Local Publicity for My Business?

You can’t afford a Super Bowl ad for your small business, but that doesn’t mean you’re shut out of the media. You can take advantage of free local publicity to bring in new customers and build a trustworthy brand that people believe in.

Leveraging Google Maps Marketing for Your Local Business

Google Maps marketing is most commonly viewed from the perspective of the 3-pack listings shown near the top of the search results for localized...

Who Is the Customer?

Clearly identifying the customer is critical in focusing our sales and marketing where we have the greatest insights, where we have the greatest impact, and where we get the greatest return on our investment in time and resources. Doing this focuses us on the customer where we create the greatest value.

5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Company Website

Having a good website is becoming more and more crucial for businesses. It acts as an important point of information and contact for potential...

A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Advertising

YouTube has over 1 billion unique users every month, reaching more US adults than any cable network. With those kinds of stats, are you ready to get your YouTube ad campaign streaming across the world?

How Reddit is an Essential Marketing Tool for Businesses

Even after the increasing popularity of various social networks, Reddit has still maintained its edge! Even today, it is known as the front page...

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