Crucial Elements to Creating and Marketing Successful Apps

Having a mobile app makes it easier for customers to engage with your brand, but it’s not as simple as most people think. Simply...

How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

If you are looking to market your company online by using Twitter, there are some things that you need to know. Start by learning the basics to getting set up and then learn more about how to maintain and engage your flowers. Here are some tips on how to use Twitter for business marketing.

Is Social Advertising Subverting Social Media Marketing?

While seen by many as the inevitable advancement of ad tech into fertile new territory, the trend of brands investing in social advertising is a growing cause for concern among many practitioners of and believers in "organic" or "traditional" social media marketing.

5 Ways to Turn Today’s Leads into Tomorrow’s Customers

There are a lot of statistics out there that say successful businesses should end up closing about one out of every three calls. But I know from experience...

5 Crucial Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing

It's truly the digital age, and this has greatly changed the way we share news, connect with others, and discover new products. The use of social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook is prevalent all over the globe, with other websites such as Buzzfeed and Flickr gaining more popularity.

Losing Post Reach? Is Facebook Still Worth the Effort?

If you’re one of the millions of page owners suffering from a less than satisfactory post reach on your fan page, you might be...

Go Mobile or Go Home: 3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

There's no arguing that modern marketing trends are always evolving, and with more mobile phone users than ever before, having a mobile marketing strategy is vital to the success of any business.

Volume and Velocity—What’s Missing?

There’s a huge amount of discussion focusing on Volume And Velocity in sales. SaaS companies trying to build traction and subscriptions person by person,...

5 Steps to Using Content Pillars for Content Efficiency

I'm a huge fan of this concept: you create one awesome piece of content that's truly engaging, useful, and delightful for your audience and then break it up into different sized chunks and deliver across a variety of mediums. This content tactic is called a "Content Pillar Strategy."

How to Create Your Own Social Media Quiz for Lead Generation

Have you ever come across one of those Buzzfeed quizzes before and wondered how well a social media quiz would do for your marketing...

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