Educate Your Customers

It may sound strange, but educating your customers should be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. It’s one of the best ways to increase sales and turn people into long-term customers. We all like to do business with people we trust, and sharing relevant knowledge builds trust quickly.

A 5-Step Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Video marketing: You’ve heard the experts talk about it, the gurus blog about it, and your business peers rave about it, but how do you get started?  What is the first step to creating your own engaging video content, and how can you share your videos with the world?

Branding Across New Digital Environments

It's no secret that the small business world hosts a constant competition for adaptability. One of the main concerns in this arena is the...

The Top 5 Social Media Sites for Small Business SEO

With recent advancements in Google's search algorithms, it's no longer a question that social media sites have a profound influence on search engine rankings. Now, the real question is how does social media influence rankings?

A Guide to Increasing Your Mobile App Downloads

You developed a stunning-looking, mobile app with lots of wonderful features. And guess what? It gets approved by Google and Apple app stores without...

Tips to a Successful Outreach Strategy

It's true that your best customers are regular buyers. However, customers have a shelf life, too. There's only so much new revenue you can generate from old customers, so outreach has to be part of any marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation: Evil or Misunderstood?

When the subject of marketing automation comes up, many purists shake their head and talk about how robotic and impersonal it is. Well—if you do it badly, that's very true.

Social Media as a Tool to Turn Small Business into a Big Brand

If you want to get brand recognition and clients, offline ads are not enough anymore and neither is paid online advertising. What you need to do is start presenting your business on social networks and being visible there.

How to Send Irresistible Emails That Always Get Opened

I think we all agree that our inboxes could use a good cleaning. If it wasn’t for Gmail’s tabs that organized everything, I would...

The 4 Best Ways to Maintain a Business Partnership

Starting a business all on your own can prove to be one of the more difficult occupation paths to take on. Thankfully, new entrepreneurs will find that the more people they add to their team from investors to employees and partners, the easier it is to run a business.

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