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What is Your Brand?

By: Ed Roach


Some say, “I don’t need a brand.” Well frankly, you have one whether you want one or not. Essentially, your brand is your reputation. Every touch point in your company has an impact on your brand.

Branding is about the business and how a business is different from the competitors.
The purpose of a brand is to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Once you make a distinguishing impact then an advertising campaign can be much more effective because it compels customers to buy from you and not simply the lowest price.
The success of a company can be determined by a brand. Branding includes many factors which help a company be successful. These factors may include a website, marketing efforts, internal and external communications, compliance issues and management practices. Consumers can identify with a brand that has values that are admired and appreciated. All companies should practice branding. Brick and mortar business and online companies benefit through branding methods. It is common for smaller companies and online businesses to fail due to a lack of understanding about the importance and factors of a good brand.
Branding ensures professionalism with a company. It seals the deal on an entire package. A small company with a brand looks just as good as a large corporation when they practice the right principals. Brands enhance your confidence of all stake holders and especially the consumers who recognize that you really can deliver what you promise. Branding offers consistency with a business. It gives direction to employees and customers on what to expect. Consistency in all message and actions as they relate to brand values. One concept that consumers often attach to a brand is called brand equity.
A brand is often considered to be an asset. For example, if you have developed a very good brand that is well known as being a top distributor of massage chairs and you have a competitor with a brand known to provide defective products, your brand will be worth more. This is very important if selling or landing investors is a desire of yours. For small businesses a great brand is critical in your success. Your corporate brand has to do with everything relating to your business.
Branding is all about what the customers perceive of your company. Your brand is the promise that you intend to make to the customers. The ultimate goal is to spark an emotional connection in order to create a positive feeling resulting of loyalty to a specific product from the customers.
Most customers hold true to products they enjoy. It is very common for a customer to be impressed with a brand and continue to buy a product based on that brand. You want to create these feelings of loyalty to bring the customers back for more.
This is the ultimate goal. You don’t want customers buying on price but on love.
Both personal and corporate brands adhere to the same brand values. Both benefit from genuine experiences. Do not pretend to be something you are not. Customers see through this and tend to be cynical. What ever position you decide to take, so long as you walk the walk, your brand will be admired. Customers do not always have to agree with every decision you make, they want to be assured that you stand by your actions 100%.
Attitude is everything.
Published: January 22, 2014

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