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How to Grow and Succeed: Interview With SmallBizClub’s Rachel Baker (Video)

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Rachel Baker, the president of SmallBizClub.com, shares key insights into the organization’s mission to provide advice, resources, and networking for small businesses who want to learn how to grow.

In this episode of the “Made in Atlanta” podcast series, hosted by Eric Holtzclaw, Rachel talks about her background and role at SmallBizClub, which she has led for almost a year. She emphasizes her passion for helping small businesses, inspired by her mother’s experiences as a business owner. SmallBizClub, an online publication now a decade old, serves small business owners by providing essential resources, tools, and information to aid their success at various stages—from startup dreams to established enterprises.

Eric and Rachel discuss the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of practical, actionable advice over sensationalized media content. The podcast details the services offered by SmallBizClub, including webinars, an advisory board, and a vast repository of informative articles. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting entrepreneurs in the gig economy and those transitioning from side hustles to full-time business ventures.

Made in Atlanta is brought to you by Liger, in partnership with SmallBizClub: https://smallbizclub.com/.

To connect with Rachel, click here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-baker-05185370/

Published: May 28, 2024

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