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5 Qualifications to Make Your Business Stand Out

Are You Leveraging Industry Awards

The business world is competitive. One of the first things you probably did when starting your company was figure out how your company would be different from the other companies in your field. It always seems like there’s someone out there doing more, and fighting to catch up can be exhausting.

You may never be able to offer the things your competitor offers because, simply, you aren’t your competitor. There are things unique to your company only, and that’s what you need to focus on. In order to make your business stand out, here are some qualifications that will help make you more appealing.

1. Higher Education

Getting an education is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Experience is also important, but the right training can help you shape and hone that experience. Your industry may dictate which degrees will help you most, but many industries need the same skills on the business side of things.

For example, an MPP, or masters in public policy, can help evaluate the effectiveness of certain proposed policies or programs. Graduate degrees require no small sacrifice of time, effort and usually money, so potential clients can be aware of the extra steps you took to be among the best at doing your job.

2. Awards

Receiving an award is a great tool for marketing your business and showcasing your abilities. If your company operates in a more niche sector, you may not even have that much competition. Even if you’re dealing with a larger pool, you can nominate yourself or your company for many of these awards, and sometimes even a nomination is enough for bragging rights.

You can also encourage your clients to nominate you or vote for you, since community-given awards can be a great indication of customer satisfaction. Remember, even if your awards weren’t given on a national level, chances are others won’t know the difference and will be just as impressed by the trophy or sticker on all your stationery.

3. Publication History

Writing a book is a great way to help establish yourself as an expert authority in your field. Even if you aren’t a great writer, you can hire a fantastic editor or ghost writer to help you write what you mean in a compelling way. Not only will a book look impressive at the office, but also you could potentially drive more business to your company from excited readers. Even a short book is a great marketing tool to have on hand at conventions, workshops or speaking engagements.

If a book feels like a little more than you can handle right now, think about reaching out to papers, magazines or websites to have your company featured. If a writer chooses to base a piece off of your career specifically, the spotlight can help give you more validity in online communities.

4. Create and Host an Event

If you want to center yourself or your business as a focal point within your industry, consider hosting an event. This doesn’t have to be a week-long affair, or even a full weekend. An annual dinner or workshop for others in your business can be a great way to connect to others within your industry. You can network, forge partnerships, and form sounding boards for new ideas.

Even your competition can be a boon when you’re planning out new goals. You can see where they were successful and where they weren’t, allowing you to learn from their mistakes without spending the time or money. It doesn’t hurt to have everyone converge at your business, either. This way, when people think about your niche, you’ll be the first to come to mind.

Standing out can be hard, especially if your industry is crowded and competitive. With a little planning and creativity, you can be well on your way to becoming a respected expert within your vocation.

Published: August 25, 2020

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