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unconventional ways to cut costs

6 Unconventional Ways Small Business Owners Can Cut Costs

When we think about cost-cutting measures in a small business, the usual suspects like minimizing office supplies or reducing employee hours come to mind. Yet, subtle money-saving strategies could pile up to a hefty sum…

composting and the office kitchen

Composting for Effective, Office Kitchen Waste Management

In the hustle and bustle of daily office life, the office kitchen is often an overlooked area when it comes to waste management. However, creating a clean and hygienic space for employees in the office…

11 Ways to Sustainably Grow While Cutting Costs of Business

With prices rising all the time and pressure to respect the planet, you might look for ways to sustainability grow while cutting costs of business. Being green or eco-friendly doesn’t need to cost the earth….

5 Ways to Save Money By Making Your Office Sustainable

There are many small ways you can save money in the office that are also sustainable. Being environmentally conscious doesn’t just produce a feel-good vibe and signal to your customers that you care about the…


5 Companies Committed to Hitting Net Zero in 2022

With countries such as the US and UK agreeing to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, it has led to various strategies being implemented to ensure these targets are met. The…

16 Pros Share Their Top Eco-Friendly Office Tips

A recent study shows that over 58% of offices in both the U.S. and Canada have made noticeable strides toward sustainability. In other words, this is definitely not a passing trend. More people are seeing…

Your Business Can Benefit Financially With Solar Panels

You know that the highest overhead cost is electricity if you run a business. When you are dependent on the power grid, you face electric rate fluctuations, which can get quite expensive. Not to mention…


Going Green? Here’s How eBay’s Doing It

E-commerce giant eBay is working to integrate environmental best practices to support a healthier planet for both their community and the generations to come.  They recognize that climate change is not a problem they can…

Why Now’s the Perfect Time For Green Business Operations

Why is going green important for your business? Benefits of an environmentally friendly business include customer goodwill, saving money and preserving the planet for future generations. Maybe you’ve wanted to become more eco-friendly for a…

Yes, Office Carpets Affect Your Employees’ Health

Carpets are a popular floor covering in offices because they are comfortable and add to the aesthetics of the office space. And by ensuring that your office carpets are cleaned and well-maintained can you and…

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