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Angela Ash is a professional writer who focuses on business topics related to marketing, remote work, productivity, entrepreneurship, freelancing, employee engagement and more. She also provides content and editing services for Flow SEO.


a team member pointing to a graph as other team members look on

How to Enhance Project Management & Processes for More Productivity

The business environment is changing rapidly. Businesses are striving to adapt to new trends and deploy new tech in an attempt to remain competitive.  Enhanced project management is more important than ever to maintain efficiency….

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Introducing New Processes to Enhance Productivity

With the business environment changing so rapidly and so dramatically, companies are now faced with difficult questions with multiple answers, neither of which is necessarily the right one. In fact, with so many trends to…

a newly hired employee is presented to the team

5 Ways to Support New Hires Beyond the First Day

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting new hires to fit in. In this sense, the onboarding process is paramount. It’s essential to support new hires well beyond their initial orientation. The efficiency…

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Why Is Retaining Field Service Teams Such a Challenge?

Field service teams play a crucial role in many industries. From repairing equipment to providing technical support, these teams ensure that operations run smoothly and customer needs are met. However, retaining field service teams can…

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11 Things Successful HR Teams Know

HR teams are facing many challenges as hybrid work models have underlined the need to update obsolete processes. Thankfully, human nature remains a constant, so fine-tuning processes and leveraging new tech can kickstart HR processes…

email marketing

Email Marketing: Still the Most Cost-Effective and Efficient Consumer Message Delivery

Email marketing can be influenced by various factors, of which spam filters and sender reputation are the two main culprits. While specific statistics may vary, here are some notable insights, according to HubSpot: There are…

technologies to change the world

6 Game-Changing Technologies That Set the Business World Ablaze

The business landscape has exploded through the integration of game-changing technologies and strategic growth initiative. However, discerning transformative tech from short-term solutions has become increasingly difficult. Technological innovations seem to be popping up all the…

taxes when working abroad

6 Things to Know About Taxes When Working Abroad

Being a U.S. expat is exciting! The lifestyle offers unique opportunities to travel, enjoy different cultures and lead a cost-efficient lifestyle. However, being an expat is more than just a holiday. Careful consideration of financial responsibilities…

analyzing what the business needs

4 Things Your Business Needs in Today’s Environment

Workplace digitalization is changing both corporate procedures and management practices. Deployment of new tech is taking place at a breakneck speed and the use of AI is gaining momentum. Regardless of the two opposed AI…

Improving Business Processes for a Better Future

Transhumanism is around the corner, literally. There are so many unknowns that businesses are panicking. Nowhere is this fear as evident as in SEO. Hold your horses… Many things are still in their early development…