Does Marketing Keep You Up at Night? You’re Not Alone!

It's official. If you're worried about marketing your business or nonprofit, you're among friends. A new Adobe study highlights the anxiety many of us experience when it comes to marketing.

Want a Powerful Small Business Brand? Avoid These 5 Branding Mistakes

Making these common branding mistakes could limit the potential growth of your business and jeopardize your bottom line. You can set your business apart by avoiding these six common branding mistakes with consistent marketing communications and a solid brand identity.

VIDEO: How to Design a Brand to Add Credibility

Branding can help you connect to your business on a more personal level by digging into who you are as a company and what you're doing. This can help you figure out why your company is unique and what makes you stand out.

Learn From Your Competitors to Beat Them

Competition is tough, but it can also benefit you if you know how to make the most of it. No one has a patent on great ideas, so watch your competitors closely, and when you see them doing something you can legally do as well, go for it.

VIDEO: Why You Must Pick a Tight Niche

Trying to make your business appeal to as many people as possible can be a disaster. Here's why.

VIDEO: How to Design a Brand That is Unique

You know what sets your company apart from your competitors, but does everybody else know? Being unique is an important part of branding. It lets the world know why people should purchase from you and not your competitors.

How to Create a Minimum Viable Product

One of the most important principles in startups today revolves around the idea of a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. An MVP is the absolute bare minimum service or product that will allow you to get users, buyers, clients, etc. to see how they interact with your main idea.

Personalize Your Branding Strategy

One of the principal shortcomings of businesses is their failure to establish a recognizable brand. The easiest way to remedy this issue is to capture the attention of consumers by distinguishing your business from the competition.

VIDEO: How to Design Your Brand by Getting Started Today

Branding can be a difficult part of building a new business, since most businesses are focusing on every other aspect of their operations. The important thing to remember is that branding is just as much a foundational element of a new business as gaining new customers.

How Do I Name My Business?

A business name is so important, as it communicates what the business does and how it can help its customers. Basically, it represents in words what you do, and it must be vetted very carefully to ensure it says the right thing.

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