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How to Transform Unhappy Customers Into Fans

A dissatisfied customer is a liability. (We can all think of a situation where an unhappy customer turned into a risk for our business.) But what’s most interesting about these customers is that they can…

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Quitting Your Day Job to Start a Business

While it is good to learn from mistakes, it’s better to avoid them altogether. Avoiding these mistakes will not only increase your chances of succeeding but will also help facilitate your dream of becoming your own boss and travelling the world.

5 Tips for Naming Your New Business

First impressions count for a lot in the business world, and often the first impression a customer or client will have of your business, is your company name.

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

A high bounce rate on a business website is a clear indicator that the site needs to be redesigned. A business that can’t keep its leads on a page long enough to convert them is in trouble.

6 Aspects That Will Create the Ultimate eCommerce Experience

There are some things customers can only get from a brick-and-mortar store. Scented candles do smell a little better in real life, after all. Having control over the lighting, music, and atmosphere makes creating the perfect vibe in a physical store a breeze.

How to Build Business Relationships That Give You the Advantage

One of the biggest assets a person can have in business is relationship building skills. No matter the industry you are in, those who are specifically good at networking always seem to have the head start. They end up getting the best jobs, closing the most deals, and having the most opportunities in whatever they do.

How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale

If you’ve ever thought of starting your own eCommerce business, you know the numerous questions that can pop into your mind: What will I sell? How will I get people to discover my business?

Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Your Startup

Finding a way to fund a tech startup can seem like a never-ending cycle. After all, you want to start a business so that you can make money, but getting a business going requires money.

Smooth Scaling: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

Of the myriad of factors working against the average startup company, perhaps the most dangerous is scalability. Adaptation isn’t just necessary, it’s vital for the survival of a business.

All This Talk is Killing Your Company Culture

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about “company culture” and what that really entails. A lot of people call BS, claiming that it’s just a way to entice talent, win awards, and get some positive press. So what really is company culture?