Focus on Your Brand Before Launching New Business

If you haven't yet launched your new business, you're in luck. Read this before going any further. If not, there may still be hope...

How to Develop Anxieties That Boost Business

Over the years I've helped a good deal of businesses discover their positioning strategy. This strategy works by making the brand the leader in something.

How to Use Sneaky “Psychic Powers” to Validate Your Business Idea

When you start a new business, you have to know what product your potential clients want first — then, you can build it. And even more importantly than simply knowing what they want, you have to know what makes your service/product/idea DIFFERENT.

Make Your Press Release Go the Extra Mile

Press releases are helpful to release product information or major announcements in hopes of garnishing additional media coverage. They provide factual documentation to the...

VIDEO: Picking the Right Business for Your Promotional Personality

Knowing your personality and promotional style is the key to choosing the right business. The better your business fits your promotional style, the more promotion you'll want to do and the greater the chance that you'll succeed.

4 Simple Ways to Get Started on Your Branding Strategy

Good branding is essential for every business, no matter how big or small. Your branding strategy tells your customers exactly what they can expect from products and services, how your company differs from its competitors, and how they perceive your company overall.

6 Ways to Make Your Business Appear Bigger

Smaller corporations can have it pretty tough. Trying to compete with larger, more established businesses in the same field but usually lacking the funds,...

How Colors Affect Your Branding

Visuals play a key role in branding. Individuals observe colors before taking in any other information from their surroundings. Thus, colors create a compelling impression on the minds of the people.

8 Tips to Design Cosmetic Labels

Labeling of cosmetic products is important for aesthetic as well as practical purposes. With a well-designed label, the exterior of cosmetic items get a touch of professionalism.

Align Your Brand Messaging, Start from the Ground Up

As your brand continues to further understand and embrace the multitude of effective online channels, it is crucial to be consistent with your messaging and align your marketing efforts. There are still far too many organizations conveying inconsistent messaging in their online presence. This is an issue that necessitates attention.

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