Slogans and Taglines

Countless businesses spend many hours and a lot of money developing taglines and slogans to try to convince their customers they offer something others do not. When used correctly, taglines can be very effective.

Investing in Your Community is a Big Investment in Your Business

As a small business owner, networking is a highly valuable tool for growing your business. This fact seems to be widely accepted. Yet many...

7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Brand

Don't let a weak brand leave you dead on arrival. While many people focus on building a successful brand, it is just as important to understand how to avoid killing your brand to begin with.

Marketing for Small Business: It’s All About Common Sense

Identifying the right marketing tools to reach your target customers is a challenge for every small-business owner. While going through all the critical steps to get to the point where you can open for business, many entrepreneurs don't think ahead about how they're going to get customers or clients to come through the door.

Why Buyer Personas are Crucial to Inbound Marketing Success

Good morning/afternoon/evening/middle of the night. I would like to grab your attention briefly to talk a little bit about buyer personas and how they...

Unique, Quirky, Unusual: Building Brand Personality That Sticks

Two interns are giving an important presentation: each is trying to sell a product to the other. They have the attention of all the...

How to Build Your Brand and New Firm’s Business

There is no doubt that today's consumers are savvier than ever before. This creates challenges for today's businesses that could never have even been imagined in decades past.

How to Use Sneaky “Psychic Powers” to Validate Your Business Idea

When you start a new business, you have to know what product your potential clients want first — then, you can build it. And even more importantly than simply knowing what they want, you have to know what makes your service/product/idea DIFFERENT.

Choose the Right Non-Profit Group for Your Small Business to Support

Charitable contributions from your small business not only benefit the less fortunate but also allow you to receive a tax deduction. But what’s the...

Why It’s Time to Rethink Snail Mail

With exciting advancements in tech flooding the airwaves, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of automating everything. This is a world...

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