Online Strategy Basics

It’s not enough just to have a website. Your website needs to generate leads and sales for your business. Doing that requires a strategic approach to the web, and there are some basic principles and guidelines you can follow to a successful online strategy.

Your Brand as Bait

With regard to your brand there’s lots of reasons why one should pay close attention to its awareness in the general marketplace. The obvious...

How to Write Your Professional Biography

Personable or professional? First person or third person? How to write about yourself without sounding like a fraud? It can be weird writing your own...

Going into New Markets

When a bonsai stops growing, you know it's dead. ~Japanese Proverb Continuous growth is critical for each and every business, but very often, existing markets get...

3 Branded Marketing Campaigns That Got It Right

To ensure your company is counted among the successes, one of the best places to start is by looking at case studies and understanding what those businesses did right and wrong, and what they learned from it.

Unique, Quirky, Unusual: Building Brand Personality That Sticks

Two interns are giving an important presentation: each is trying to sell a product to the other. They have the attention of all the...

Why Your Business Name Matters

You might be thinking, well, of course the name of my business matters. But are there any of us who have not heard a business name and wondered, what in the world were those people thinking?

5 Ways to Improve the Image of Your Small Business

The image of how a small business is presented to the public is incredibly important. In order to gain customers, investors, and even employees, an enterprise must be perceived in the most positive light possible.

Where to Find (and How to Hire) the World’s Best Freelancers

Now in 2014, crowdsourcing platforms offer access to thousands and thousands of freelance designers in locations around the world. You will find freelancers who do all kinds of design work including logo design, product label design, sign design, and much much more.

6 Characteristics of a Successful Startup Content Plan

Content marketing isn't as easy as it once was. Today, every company with an online presence has a company blog. We’re all battling over...
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