3 Buyer Questions Your Testimonial Video Should Answer

There is no denying that video is one of the absolute best ways to convey a marketing message. The combination of image and audio...

5 Fundamental Steps to Ensure Brand Consistency

When Kraft bought Cadbury for $19.5 billion, the value was not in the equipment, the recipes, or the chocolate. The value was in the...

5 Tips to Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Sometimes words are just not enough. Explainer videos are a super good investment for fresh startups. This holds even more true when dealing with startups with very complicated concepts.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing

Colors play an important role in brand identity for any organization. We are all psychologically affected by color. Colors play a role in determining whether people will believe your brand, buy your products/services, give to your charity, or follow you in social media.

Valuable Printing Concepts You’ll Want to Know for Marketing: Part 2

Whether your business or organization uses traditional or digital marketing channels, there’s always a need for printed marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards,...

8 Tips to Design Cosmetic Labels

Labeling of cosmetic products is important for aesthetic as well as practical purposes. With a well-designed label, the exterior of cosmetic items get a touch of professionalism.

What Kind of Branding Sticks?

What kind of branding sticks? There have been some shifts in how brands are perceived as of late. The change has been triggered by the...

Value Proposition, Positioning Statement, Elevator Pitch: Know the Difference

When you’re trying to sell something, you want to have answers ready for any question that may come up. It’s an impossible—but good—goal to...

5 Best Marketing Tips from Weight Watchers

Lots of weight loss programs and businesses exist, but what sets Weight Watchers apart is their marketing. The following five strategies have worked for Weight Watchers and could be used to advance your own business—regardless of the industry.

Content is Still King in Building Your Business

Providing relevant, valuable content is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients and develop a loyal customer base. When you use...

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