6 Email Marketing Methods Sure to Lose Customers

The rise of email launched an entirely new branch of marketing possibilities that businesses quickly latched onto as a way to lure new customers and keep in touch with current ones.

10 Content Basics to Include on Your Website

Filling your site with content is an important step for your small business. When you're creating content, there are some basics that you want to be sure to cover in order to get the most from your site. Here are 10 content basics that are a must for any small business site.

How to Increase Website Traffic Using Evergreen Content

Think of the word "evergreen" itself. That alone should tell you that the content never gets old, maintaining its beauty and value year round. It's consistently relevant to your target audience.

New Facebook Page? Here’s How to Get People to Like You

You just set up your Facebook Page: great! The next step is to actually connect with people, which means you'll have to get them to "like" your Page. When people like your Page you'll have an audience you can engage with on Facebook.

Evolve Your Email Marketing

The effectiveness of email is continuing to rise. As consumer expectations and technology evolve, so must your approach. 29% of consumers now open email on their mobile device, yet only 2% of companies have an advanced mobile email marketing strategy.

7 Agency Secrets to Powerful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Successful social media campaigns rely on content marketing for much of their impact and lead generation abilities. If you're looking for new ways to make your social media marketing strategies work harder for your company, you need to embrace some of these powerful strategies for improving the results of your inbound marketing efforts and for crafting an effective social media campaign.

Turn That Bad Review Upside-Down

A bad review may mean bad business for your company. The business listings available online are great to gain exposure but they also mean that you're under the scrutiny of your customers.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Did you know that customers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping? That's great news if you know HOW to get them to open your email in the first place. Here are a few key elements that you can focus on to effectively integrate email into your marketing plan.

How Small Business Owners Can Gain an Edge with Social Media

Pew Research has found that as of May 2013, 72 percent of adults who go online regularly visit social networking sites. And they are favorably disposed to buying from businesses they're connected with there.

How Much Your Free WordPress Website Will Really Cost You

There are basically two options for building a WordPress website for your business. You could go with self hosting through WordPress.org for about $60 a year, or use WordPress.com for free. But before you jump at the free option, ask yourself: is it really free?

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