How to Market Your Content on Google Plus

Google+ is not just a Facebook competitor. Google sees it as a core layer to its web assets and a vital part of the social web puzzle. What is now the second largest social network should no longer be seen as an afterthought.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About SEO vs. PPC Budgeting

As a small business, you must understand the role that SEO and PPC can play as part of your broader marketing strategy. Determining the best balance between an SEO and PPC strategy will help allow for responsible budget planning and more effective results.

How to Combine Social Media with Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective tool in reaching your customers. What most people don't understand is the difference between social media marketing and email marketing. They are quite different and both rely on a different method of reaching people.

The Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Website, Content, and Social Media

If you're conducting business today without an online presence, you're stuck in the old 20th century way of thinking. So many potential customers are online looking for products and services that if they don't find you there, they'll find someone else.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Business’s Website

Social media is an ever-increasing facet of everyday business. Companies large (Starbucks) and small (your local car shop) are using social media to expand their exposure and reach a broad base of prospective consumers.

10 Smart Tips for Creating, Marketing, and Sharing Content on Twitter

Creating and then marketing content with Twitter is more about tempting the click than revealing all your secrets at once. Twitter should be seen as the teaser social network. It offers the promise of much more beyond the link.

Metrics that Matter

Social media has the unfortunate side effect of making us focus on metrics that don't matter. Of course, whatever you measure tends to improve (The Hawthorne Effect). So if you want more followers, then by all means, measure your follower count daily!

5 Web Techniques to Grow Your Small Business

Small businesses have come a long way from the days of handing out pens or magnetic football schedules to keep a business in customers' minds. The methodology of conducting business has irrevocably swung toward digital formats.

VIDEO: How to Use Social Media Efficiently

The time you spend working on your business is precious, and balancing your time spent on marketing efforts is key. So how much time should you spend on social media?

10 Top Google Plus Tools for Digital Marketers

When Google realized that Facebook wasn't an aberration, anomaly, or an afterthought it made its move. It created a social network that glued all its online assets together, collected social data and added social signals to its search algorithms.

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