Care About Them, Not Us

We recently bought an ad for a client and the ad rep suggested we make a big deal out of the fact that our client has been in business for 130 years. I politely told her that we definitely were not going to do that.

How to Turn “Showrooming” to Your Advantage

So if retailers can't stop showrooming, what are they doing about it? And what suggestions did readers of my blog have for turning showrooming into an advantage?

Storytelling, Storytelling, and More Storytelling

Seems like every marketing book, blog and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, I think most attempts fall short.

Small Business Writing: 5 Ways to Deliver Polished Content

There’s no way around it: for any successful small business, writing is critical. It’s not easy. Check out these verbal hoops you need to jump...

Your Brand Theater

Often times when you're building a brand, you're trying to show the best of an overall purchasing experience. Like any form of entertainment, they...

How to Use the Holidays to Check in with Your Customers

Are you thinking that September sounds a little early to be bringing out the mistletoe, and that you don't want to be part of the crowd advertising winter specials before Halloween even rolls around?

Still Haven’t Embraced Content Marketing? Why Not?

Trends in digital technology are expanding the use of marketing methods beyond the strategies previously embraced, now referred to as "traditional marketing."

Adjusting Your Marketing Focus

When you started your business, you entered the marketplace ready to solve a specific problem. It's the whole point of any business, really — to help people by providing a solution to a someone's problem.

The Essential Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketing

Marketing is a whole universe composed of plenty of branches that need to be discovered and mastered. Even though the premise sounds simple enough—you...

How to Hire the Best Marketer for Your Business

A quality marketing team is often overlooked among new companies. Whether one calls it confidence or arrogance, many companies believe that their products or services are good enough to speak for themselves. That belief devalues the power of a good marketing team in the eyes of a company, which can be a terrible mistake with detrimental costs.

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