How Apartment Owners Can Use a Marketing Service

Some businesses still do not understand why they should be actively marketing online beyond their web presence. An apartment rental is one industry that may feel that way.

The Marketing Plan: Essential Elements

Have you thought about your marketing plan? To compete in a crowded marketplace, you have to go in with a plan that you’ve thought about and put together carefully and intentionally. No matter what stage your business is at, you should have a plan for your marketing efforts.

How Branding is Relevant in a Slow Economy

If you understand your brand and are passionate about it, then you have a better than average chance to weather the storm of a slow economy or recession. If you've been addressing brand issues and have built your company on values that are rock solid, then there is every reason that you will come out smiling at the other end of this down-turn.

Small Business Brands Win with Boldness

When you're seriously involved in branding small businesses, one clear thing you recognize is that small to medium size enterprises are hungry for a new approach. They've heard of branding through their trade publications and on the street.

10 Sources for Brainstorming Content

Content is at the epicenter of inbound marketing strategies. If you want to build thought leadership for your brand, capture the interest and imagination...

Be Helpful or Be Gone

Last week, we explored the idea that email marketing is about earning the audience’s permission to keep talking. I suggested that there were two...

How Branding and Sales Promotion Are Not Interchangeable

If I may be so humble to speak for those those of us who specialize in branding, a brand could replace the word "reputation." How a customer perceives you, your town, your product, experience, or organization, etc., is your brand.

5 Ways to Brand Like the Fortune 500s

Branding can be daunting at the best of times. For small- to medium-size enterprises, budgets to address brand initiatives are just a fraction of what a Fortune 500 company may apply. If you're anything like me, you're constantly educating yourself on ways to fine-tune your brand.

The 3-Legged Stool of Marketing Excellence

Increase revenues, decrease costs, and better serve customers. IDC: that could be a motto or even a manifesto for any good management team. And it's a good place to start a focus upon positioning.

5 Marketing Ideas for the Budget-Friendly Small Business

Marketing is expensive but so is a failed business plan. Stretch your marketing budget further with these simple strategies, guaranteed to help your budget-friendly...

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