Who Determines Absolute Value?

Many people, myself included, believe in the power of a strong brand. Brand positioning has influenced buying decisions for years and a company with a strong sense of their own brand and a commitment to authentically walking out that brand is at an advantage over their competitors.

What’s In Your Content? 5 Tips to Success

Small business owners nowadays are moving towards virtual platforms to improve their lead generation. Content is a big part of this because it helps with SEO and engages readers. Still, many small business owners are part of a partner system.

3 Benefits of Merging Social with Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

The great thing about having a small business these days is that you can explore plenty of avenues to give your business a competitive edge and compete with the big players in your business domain.

Embrace the Limb

For all the words I write on branding, everything I'm saying boils down to this: if you're not playing, you're losing.

Target Personas: Content Marketing’s New Buzzword

An old marketing adage states that trying to attract customers without first drawing a picture of your target demographic is analogous to attempting to kill a fly with a cannon. The fly will most likely continue to drive you to the edge of crazy, and your wall will be in ruins. A no-win situation for all, right?

Combining IN and OUT Marketing Proven the Best Choice

A new study says that neither inbound nor outbound marketing tactics alone are adequate to drive a business. What it takes is a combination...

How Positive Thinking Can Ruin Your Marketing

Many believe that success depends on always thinking positively, blocking out negative thoughts and replacing them with certainty that you'll get what you really want.

3 Keys to Build Your Brand

If I see one more Facebook ad that talks about how to build your “brand” I will engage in primal scream therapy. Building a brand...

3 Best Times to Work on Your Content Marketing

When are you most productive during the day? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you spring right our of bed without hitting the snooze button once? Or do you require 2+ cups of coffee to break out of your zombie-like stupor (like me)?

Storytelling, Storytelling, and More Storytelling

Seems like every marketing book, blog and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, I think most attempts fall short.

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