Holiday Retail 2014: Anytime. Everywhere.

Does Santa use GPS? Is Rudolph an Apple or Samsung fan? Some questions might never be answered. But one thing is clear: despite global warming, each year the holiday shopping and advertising season starts earlier and earlier. And its ever-growing presence on our mobile screens and social networks only grows faster and faster.

The Worst Times to Do Outreach

We've all heard the old adage, "timing is everything"—and when it comes to outreach, it's definitely true. Being strategic about when you send your email can have as big an impact on the success or failure of your campaign as the content of your message, because if nobody reads it, your message doesn't really matter, does it?

The Surprising Marketing Channel That Gen Xers Value

We hear so much about Millennials these days, that we almost forget Gen Xers as a market force. Well, a recent MarketingCharts study and Yahoo...

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Content Personalization

In today's world, there is no such thing as an effective one-size-fits-all content marketing approach anymore. A well-defined content marketing strategy requires proper structure, deep customer research, and consistency.

Understanding the Customer

Depending on the industry and nature of your business, your target market can be categorized very narrowly toward a specific type of individual or generally as a wide scope of the general population.

4 Things PR Can Do for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The inbound marketing revolution has changed the game of public relations. Gone are the days when publicists were condemned to make that unwanted cold call or write that not-so-newsworthy press release. Thanks to inbound marketing, PR is now more sophisticated and powerful.

Your 80/20 Marketing Plan

One of the age-old rules in business is that 80% of your revenue is generated through 20% of your customer base. While the numbers...

Why Would I Pick You?

Marketing 101 is that you need to understand how you're different from your competitors. It is perfectly logical: if you cannot differentiate yourself in terms of what you sell, how you sell it, or why you sell it, the only differentiator left is price.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

So you've heard the jargons account-based marketing and inbound marketing thrown around by b2b marketing agencies, but do you know what they entail and...

2 Reasons Your PR is Stuck in the Mud

You don’t listen to your customers Someone high up in your business decides you really need a video/ blog/ enewsletter. Or someone in a meeting room...

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