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Proper Network Automation is No Small Business

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Network automation provides an excellent way for small businesses to reap benefits that previously only large corporations had access to. Imagine having your own IT monitor on duty 24/7 to make sure that your network is always operating at maximum capacity and efficiency whenever you or your staff needs it. That’s the power of network automation.

1. Reduces Operating Expenses
Small businesses that make the nominal initial investment to automate their network can look forward to reduced operating expenses. The small business owner doesn’t necessarily need to carry a designated IT person on their staff, with a separate salary, payroll taxes, and all that comes with hiring a full-time employee. With network automation, a current employee with some technology background can fill in where needed to maintain the network automation while still fulfilling their primary duties. 
2. Increases Network Stability
One of the most valuable aspects that network automation provides is the service of live detection and response. When problems are detected in real time and instantly addressed, small businesses that have subscribed to the network automation platform can be assured of stability. Problems such as power outages, overloads and subversive activity can be stopped nearly as soon as they begin, allowing employees in the central hub to get on with their work without missing a beat.
3. Improves Network Security
Online businesses are increasingly becoming targets of hackers who desire to halt ecommerce or to steal financial information for their personal gain. These hacks can potentially put a small business owner out of business. In addition, hacks designed to steal network passwords and infiltrate sensitive documents increase the liability threat of small business owners who may be sued by customers or employees for loss of private data. 
Network automation provides another line of defense against those who would threaten online businesses. Network automation software is designed to recognize and report potentially threatening log in attempts and thwart them when necessary. 
4. Ensures Consistency
Whenever multiple devices like laptops, tablets and cell phones are being used to log onto networks from different regions, there is a high possibility for error. Network configurations are complicated and vary considerably across devices and providers. Every time something needs to be added or taken away, there is the chance for error, and the more errors in the network configuration, the more chances for the entire network to fail.
Network automation solves that problem. Network automation eliminates entirely the possibility for human error and ensures consistency throughout the network, no matter how many devices need to be connected. As the following article answers, learn more about how network automation helps your company improve, as even small businesses can benefit from this innovative advancement in business management.
Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.
Published: January 19, 2015

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