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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Embrace Smart Home Technology

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Ways Small Businesses Can Embrace Smart Home Technology

As smart home technology continues to evolve and improve people’s everyday lives, it begs the question: why aren’t more small businesses doing the same thing?

Small businesses are a cornerstone in the majority of today’s industries, and technology has played a big part in helping them to compete with the big names. A quick glance around will tell you that the internet is a driving force in, well, in everything. Modern technology is an essential part of every modern workplace, and now most homes.  Smart home technology is progressively bridging the gap between the homes we live in now, and what are sure to be the next generation of homes.

Smart home tech may well be used by a lot of people to make their day-to-day lives more convenient—in some cases more luxurious—but the benefits of this technology could also prove to be a massive advantage to small business owners. And if you’re not comfortable setting up the technology yourself, there are many home automation installers you can contact to help.

1. Improves Security

If you ask any business owner what they consider a top priority in regards to their company, the majority will mention security—and if they don’t, they should.

Small businesses with a shop or other premises should always be aware of the security measures in place, and if improvements can be made. Some people may consider smart home tech to be something of a novelty, but the benefits it offers regarding security are difficult to ignore.

Automatic locking systems are an ingenious solution for businesses that need to secure multiple doors both inside and outside the building. Motion detectors will control lights automatically and can activate indoor alarms. If triggered after work hours, panic lights will draw attention to your premises, acting as a significant deterrent.

Many security systems can be accessed via apps, so you can control locking, lights or even view a camera feed from home. If you get an alert from your business out of hours, then you can take the right steps to take care of the situation.

2. Cut Costs

To some, smart home technology might be considered a more expensive way to do things, but in reality, it can have significant cost cutting benefits for businesses. Granted, you won’t find any of these devices in a bargain basket anywhere, but as the saying goes: “you need to spend money to make money.”

Energy efficiency is a big part of why smart home tech has been successful, and having an eco-display fitted will help you to stay on top of exactly how much energy you’re using. You can choose when specific rooms are heated and modify it with the button on a thermostat.

For businesses on large premises or using a lot of equipment, energy bills won’t be cheap. Many of the smart home devices are built with this in mind, and if businesses decide to embrace this tech, then we could be seeing a new wave of energy efficient companies.

3. Work Efficiency

There’s no doubt that modern technology has completely changed the way people do their jobs. Smart home technology being incorporated into the workplace is a progression of that, and can improve work efficiency.

Devices that would typically be used in the home for entertainment purposes can now be brought into the workplace and be put to good use—an example being a multimedia center, in which lots of different devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) can be connected to one system. This is ideal for companies who have meetings where they use a monitor, or even when conference calls need to be made.

Cloud storage is another idea that’s perfect for a business environment. By having all the company data stored on a cloud server, it prevents the worry of damage or theft to hardware—which could be very bad for business.

4. Convenience

One of the key selling points of smart home technology is the convenience it offers by not having to carry out a number of simple, yet time-consuming tasks. Whether it’s routine security tasks or activating a number of different devices, this technology will speed up the process, giving you more time to spend on more important aspects of your business.

Simple tasks such as switching lights on and off are now taken care of for you, which again prevents technology being left on longer than they have to be, thus saving some energy.

5. Modern Business Image

With so much competition for small businesses, it’s essential to set yourself apart in any way you can and establish a strong business image.

Introducing modern technology into a business not only enhances it because of the reasons mentioned above; it also shows potential customers that you’re a company that strives to embrace new things and refine your service wherever possible.

Author: Matt Payne is the owner and managing director of Matt Payne Electrical, a leading electrical services and Smarthome installation company. Matt trained as an electrical and electronic engineer, and then successfully translated this knowledge and experience into his own electrical business.

Published: November 25, 2022

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