The 10 Commandments of Twitter

What are some fundamental principles that you should embrace if you want Twitter to work for you? Twitter's sometimes chaotic nature does make managing the torrent of tweets seem like herding cats.

2 Steps to Produce Leads from Your Online Marketing

Let's stop here and discuss the purpose of advertising and marketing your small business, which is: to produce leads. Leads are phone calls and emails from potential customers. Your job is to turn some of these incoming leads into customers.

5 Great Social Media Analytics Tools

After evaluating lots of social media tools that try to visualize your online presence, your posts, people in your network, and messages in your network, here are some tools that caught my eye.

The Perfect Facebook Post

Images on Facebook are the most shared of any media. Creating a perfect Facebook post for images may not be possible, but here are 7 tips to help you move along the spectrum of excellence towards a “God like” Facebook post.

How to Destroy Your Social Media Credibility Through Automation

Automation of social media activity is not without its price. Brands who automate too much risk appearing cold and inhuman, and can potentially loser followers and opportunities for engagement.

7 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Its Social Media Marketing

If your small business is conducting social media marketing, it is among the 80 percent of U.S. small businesses that do. But did you know that more than half of small businesses (54 percent) say their greatest need for help is with social media marketing?

How to Make Google+ Your Favorite Social Network

If you're in business, Google+ is rapidly developing as the premiere network. But if you aren't using Google+, or aren't logging in regularly, the social network may seem a bit intimidating.

Pinterest Tips for Small Business

For a small business owner, there’s no marketing like word-of-mouth marketing. When your customers are talking about your business with their friends, and bringing new customers to you, that is the most effective form of advertising—and the cheapest! And social media have the potential to function like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.

3 Simple Steps to Maintaining a Successful Company Blog

Chances are pretty high that if you run your own company, it probably has its own blog that more often than not serves as a reflection of the business itself. A company blog shows readers what sort of business you’re running and gives them an inside look at just how you run things. As such, the company blog develops a voice all on its own that’s often pretty conversational as well as informational, so it’s important that your customers are finding the answers to the questions that they have and keep coming back for more with your blog.

Social Media Myths

Social media can put your business in front of a lot of new people thanks to viral content—but it doesn’t happen automatically. With all the voices trying to be heard, it takes a smart plan to make it work. Many small businesses miss out on opportunities to go viral by buying into social media myths.

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