Ryan Kettler

Ryan Kettler is Director of Communications for BoostSuite. Ryan is a sports fanatic, devoted runner, avid golfer, beer connoisseur, Internet marketing zealot and live music enthusiast. When he’s not helping BoostSuite customers he can be found running 5ks, sampling IPAs, and cheering on his North Carolina State Wolfpack. BoostSuite is a web marketing optimization product for small business owners. Unlike current products that bewilder and discourage small business owners, BoostSuite allows novice web marketers to build more website traffic and convert more online visitors into customers and leads for their businesses. BoostSuite is free and takes only one minute to set up, is easy to learn, and can be used by anyone.


How to Create an Infographic to Promote Any Business

You don’t have to be a high tech company to get the web marketing lift that comes from creating an infographic. In fact, there’s only one thing you need to have to create a great infographic—a good understanding of your customers.

15 Parallels Between Football and Content Marketing

It’s official—the 2014 football season has begun and I couldn’t be happier. After thinking about it, I realized there are a lot of similarities between football and content marketing. I’d like to share 15 of them with you today:

Don’t Fall Behind Your eCommerce Competitors This Year

I recently spoke with one of our new customers recently who has been paying for an eCommerce website for two years and hasn’t sold one thing. That’s right, NOT A THING!

5 Ways to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Healthy

When you stop and think about it, all great content marketing strategies are very similar to healthy lifestyles. A lot goes in to living healthy. You have to eat right, exercise often, get a lot of sleep, minimize stress, and make good life choices.

Drive More Traffic Through Website Personality

To get the attention of web users, try giving your website a personal touch. Doing so helps you better draw in the specific audience you are trying to target.

The State of Small Business Content Marketing in 2014

Small businesses are blogging, using social media and email marketing, but everything they say and do is based on gut feeling. They’re also working by themselves instead of leveraging the help of their co-marketing partners. That’s no way to effectively market a business!

Partners Drive Small Business Referrals: Creating Customers

In a 2014 study by Gallup and Wells Fargo during Q1, attracting customers, targeting business opportunities and finding work or new business was the top challenge among US small-business owners, cited by 21% of respondents.

What is a Website Conversion?

Without conversions a website is just a brochure. And what often happens to brochures? Sometimes they’re picked up and result in a call, but most of the time they get a single glimpse and then they’re tossed in the trash and are never looked at again. Don’t let that be your website.

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your eCommerce Store Blog

If you’re an online merchant selling your goods through an eCommerce website, then one of the best ways to attract more traffic (visitors) to your store is through blogging. Let’s think about why blogging is so important for an eCommerce website for just a minute.

Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp is All About Audience Expansion

It’s been all over the news and social media. Facebook acquired global chat application WhatsApp for the sky-high price of $16 billion. Yes, that’s right, with a “B.” That’s sixteen times larger the acquisition cost that Zuck and co. paid to Instagram!