Harry Kierbow

Harry Kierbow is the Customer Service and Social Media Manager for Tarkenton Companies. Before coming to Tarkenton, Harry studied psychology at the University of Georgia and worked for a small restaurant franchise. He brings this background to bear when working with customer issues or crafting social media marketing messages. Harry currently lives with his wife and child in Woodstock, GA. Follow him on LinkedIn , email him at hkierbow@tarkenton.com, or connect on Google +.


Understanding the Customer

Depending on the industry and nature of your business, your target market can be categorized very narrowly toward a specific type of individual or generally as a wide scope of the general population.

Creating a Content Strategy

A content strategy is your road map for managing content generated by your company. It can include information on the type of content and the medium used, as well as the timing of this content.

Is social media important?

The importance or value of social media advertising and marketing varies by the business product or service, target audience, and other factors. Just like other types of advertising, it is often necessary for a business to test new advertising methods in order to obtain in-market results that indicate effectiveness.

Social Media is a Conversation: Don’t Turn Your Back

Don’t just throw your content out and walk away. Make sure you are accessible and responsive to any feedback coming from your fans. If you do this well, you will see a return on your time spent answering these questions and comments.

Google Plus Local Tips for Franchises

As with anything that directly relates to the world’s most popular search engine, Google Plus Local can be a useful tool for your small business to engage prospects in the surrounding area.

Using Hashtags on Facebook

You may have heard the announcement that in June 2013, Facebook instituted hashtag functionality into their site. The reason businesses love hashtags is that not only do they inspire interaction and generate buzz amongst followers but they are searchable and easily measurable.

Tips and Tricks to Power Your Twitter Strategy

We all know that social media giant Twitter can be used by businesses to share content and interact with customers, but what are the best ways to maximize profitability from your Twitter marketing strategy?

Try a New Social Media Management Solution

Between Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the task of managing all of your business’s social media accounts? Rather than keeping open tabs for each site on your browser and constantly clicking from one to the next, wouldn’t it be easier to manage them all together from one simple dashboard?

Why Are You Afraid of Your Customers?

Do you find yourself reluctant to touch base with customers because of fear of what you might find? Do you think that no news is good news? When you think about reaching out, do you ask yourself, “What if something is broken?” or, “What if they ask a question I can’t answer?”

Pinterest Tips for Small Business

For a small business owner, there’s no marketing like word-of-mouth marketing. When your customers are talking about your business with their friends, and bringing new customers to you, that is the most effective form of advertising—and the cheapest! And social media have the potential to function like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.