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Try a New Social Media Management Solution

By: Harry Kierbow



Between Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the task of managing all of your business’s social media accounts? Rather than keeping open tabs for each site on your browser and constantly clicking from one to the next, wouldn’t it be easier to manage them all together from one simple dashboard? MarketMeSuite is a convenient solution to your problem. Here is a sample list of all you can accomplish from the site:


Status Updates


MarketMeSuite allows you to easily send out status updates to all of your social media accounts or to a selected number of your profiles without ever leaving their dashboard. 




Manage all of your inboxes in one place, where they can be easily categorized by level of importance based on the sender. For example, if you have a few contacts who you really like to interact with on social media, you can put their contacts into one inbox where only their messages will show up. The convenience of checking and sending messages from three sites at once should prove to be an advantage for any social media account manager.  


Real-Time Search


Perhaps the most useful aspect of the site, you can engage people who might be interested in your business by taking advantage of a real-time search tool that will search for keywords used on Facebook and Twitter and allow you to easily target those who are most relevant to your business. Take advantage of the Geo-targeting feature to find those who are within a certain distance from your zip code. Once you have discovered someone who has mentioned the targeted keywords, you can mark them as a potential customer and contact them at a later date if you prefer.


According to their site, over 30,000 small businesses are using MarketMeSuite for social media management and it’s easy to see why. The three-in-one dashboard and easy-to-use features render the service a huge time saver, as anybody with experience in social media will quickly discover. It can’t hurt to at least give it a try. You can sign up and get started with a free plan for limited access or sign up for a premium plan, which starts at $15 a month and comes with a free trial. 

Published: June 13, 2013

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Harry Kierbow

Harry Kierbow is the Customer Service and Social Media Manager for Tarkenton Companies. Before coming to Tarkenton, Harry studied psychology at the University of Georgia and worked for a small restaurant franchise. He brings this background to bear when working with customer issues or crafting social media marketing messages. Harry currently lives with his wife and child in Woodstock, GA. Follow him on LinkedIn , email him at hkierbow@tarkenton.com, or connect on Google +.

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