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What’s the best way for my test-only smog station business to negotiate a deal with other auto repair shops?

Networking and cross-marketing with complementary (transmission, air conditioning, body shops, towing services, etc.) auto repair businesses and other parties in the industry can be very helpful in reaching more of your target market customers as a test-only smog station.

Am I on the right track with my elevator speech?

You are correct that you need to make it clear exactly how you help your clients and/or exactly what your mission is. Also, if you can leave people wanting to learn more, that is a plus.
“Solutions” is vague business jargon in our opinion so you may want to consider how to focus more effectively on the benefit that is derived from your services or on how it helps clients rather than on the mechanism.

I have a storefront selling both retail and private label herbal supplements. I am considering direct sales, where do I start?

Network marketing, or MLM, is now a large and mature industry with numerous offerings. Though consumer products (household items, skin care, etc.) are marketed differently than business products, certain basic marketing techniques or principles apply to essentially all MLMs.

Where can I buy the lowest price international domain names that have country extensions?

You can view international domain pricing through well-known and reputed domain service companies such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 101 Domain, each of which we have provided a link for below with pricing information.

What CRM software should we use to help us track our relationships with current clients and prospects?

We have reviewed the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM product and compared those to your stated needs as per your question.  This product should certainly meet the needs of your business. We have provided below the various Salesforce pricing and edition options for their CRM software solution as well as a review board for the Salesforce CRM products.

What’s the best way to differentiate myself and still be profitable?

In such a competitive business environment, it may be very important that you differentiate yourself from the other locally successful screen printer/embroidery shop in order to capture enough of the market share.

Where can I get gift cards with magnetic strips to offer to my customers?

We do not know if you already utilize a merchant services company or what point-of-sale (POS) system you use for your sales process, however many merchant services companies will provide custom gift card products for their small business customers at a nominal cost.

How do I market my new product to wholesale purchasers?

Channel marketing is tough. I learned the hard way from years working with big box office stores and computer stores. I don’t know your market but in my market each of the major retail chains had a preferred distributor and wouldn’t buy from anybody else.

Which types of marketing attract the most clients?

The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. Word of mouth or referrals cost no money, typically result in a new customer for the business and normally generate a very high response rate. It is unfortunate that other forms of advertising do not work the same way.

How can I expand my dental business?

Dentists market their practices in various ways, some of which are not expensive. In addition to Yellow Pages, dental professionals use referrals, professional networking, print, radio, direct mail, and other forms of advertising.


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