5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Rely on NEC VoIP Phone Systems

Small businesses need to be able to reduce overhead while embracing new technology that supports mobility and communication if they want to gain and maintain a lead position within the marketplace.

Is Your Phone System Ready for Business Growth?

The needs of a business can shift quickly and when they do, it is important for your tools to shift with you, both effortlessly...

How is Technology Affecting Communication in the Workplace?

We have been made duly aware that we live in an Information Age, and a company's assets arrive in the morning and leave at night. Those assets, of course, are the employees.

Why You Should Consider On-Hold Marketing Messages for Your New Business

You’ve just started a new business and you’re in the process of establishing your name in the industry. Maybe you have considered plenty of...

Taking the Friction Out of Online Purchases

Internet retailers strive to reduce any "friction" associated with an online purchase, and small businesses should heed this with their incoming phone leads. In an industry rife with poor quality of service and antiquated technology, new virtual answering service companies, built on top of VOIP network with systems based in the cloud, are giving the smallest businesses high quality answering service and lead capturing capability—at prices not much higher than "virtual phone systems."

Are You Getting the Most from Your VoIP Office Phone System?

Imagine having an expensive, high-tech smart phone and only using it to make calls, letting texting, email, internet connection, etc. That would be a huge waste of resources, right?

Business Essentials: The Importance of Strong Communication Systems

Companies have a number of different options when it comes to addressing their telecommunications needs. Providers of business phone systems are able to offer a wide array of useful communications technologies to their clients. Many of these technologies can serve to significantly increase the efficiency of a business, and allow for a higher level of customer service.

3 Effective Communication Methods That Promote Small Business Growth

When we think of simple ways to improve our business, we normally think about where we can cut cost or how we can pioneer...

4 Essentials in Today’s Digital Workstation

With the increasing importance of unified communications in today's business world, it's more crucial than ever to integrate digital workstations with business phone systems.

Finding a PBX System for Your Small Business

When you’re starting a business, you spend almost every minute of the day crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s (let’s assume your racing...

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