The Biggest Threat to Your Small Business Phone System

Most small businesses operate on limited budgets, and unexpected expenses can derail even the most best laid out business plans. So imagine getting a phone bill for $200,000—when you expected only a small fraction of that!

Does Unified Communications Really Cut Costs?

If you're thinking of moving to Unified Communications, the first question on your mind is probably "How much is this all going to cost me?"

4 Essentials in Today’s Digital Workstation

With the increasing importance of unified communications in today's business world, it's more crucial than ever to integrate digital workstations with business phone systems.

Call Recording Consent and Ethics

Good businesses genuinely care about each and every interaction that they have with their business partners, associates, and customers. Regardless of who answers the...

Let’s Talk Cloud Communications

The cloud is the most revolutionary thing to happen to the telecommunications industry since IP-based communications started taking the place of antiquated telephone services....

3 Reasons Your Business Phone System Needs Mobility

Buying a business phone system without mobility features is like buying a car that can only go in reverse: No matter how awesome the...

Finding a PBX System for Your Small Business

When you’re starting a business, you spend almost every minute of the day crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s (let’s assume your racing...

Video Conferencing: Do’s and Don’ts

Three decades after it first emerged on the scene, video conferencing has quickly turned into an everyday part of business operations. And because of...

Top 5 Business Video Conferencing Platforms of 2013

We have entered into the age of video communication, and almost every professional will agree, it's a beautiful era! Less travel, less money, less time wasted during the traverse from meeting to meeting and best of all, a heightened level of communication and efficiency!

8 Ways Unified Communication Helps Enterprise Collaboration

The need for collaboration in business and enterprise settings has always been a priority. However, the advancement of communication technologies now allows for an unprecedented level of quality interactions between business collaborators.

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