Business Phone Leasing vs. Buying

To establish the proper business communication system, you need the right phones. Two popular options for business phones are buying and leasing.There are some benefits and drawbacks to both of these methods for obtaining the phones that your company needs for communication purposes.

Reasons You Are Losing Efficiency Without a Unified Communications System

If you think poor communication among your employees isn't costing your business money, it's time to think again. A survey published in "The Cost of Poor...

Make the Switch to Cloud Communications

These days, it seems that everyone is talking about how great the "cloud" is. After all, the cloud can help connect your employees over...

4 Reasons Businesses Stop Using Fixed-Line Networks

Fixed-line telecommunication networks, otherwise known as landlines, are quickly fading from businesses across America. In 2017, most companies are opting for modern, versatile solutions...

6 Steps to Create the Best Auto Attendant Phone System Intro

With the following steps you will be well on your way to implementing a productive phone system. Your customers—and your bottom line—will thank you.

4 Features Your Small Business Phone System Needs for 2016

Sometimes, small business owners don’t think that they deserve the best tech. You might think that only large organizations need cutting-edge technology. Or you might...

Why Phone Calls Still Matter for Today’s Businesses

In 2017, the majority of businesses are focusing on social media for building relationships with customers. They spend thousands of dollars on marketing experts,...

Business Essentials: The Importance of Strong Communication Systems

Companies have a number of different options when it comes to addressing their telecommunications needs. Providers of business phone systems are able to offer a wide array of useful communications technologies to their clients. Many of these technologies can serve to significantly increase the efficiency of a business, and allow for a higher level of customer service.

How Carriers Are Costing Your Small Business

In 1986 I got my first cell phone that wasn't in a bag. It was a Motorola DynaTAC, and it cost me over $2,000. Since then, cell phones have been adopted ubiquitously by small businesses in the US.

Why You Should Consider On-Hold Marketing Messages for Your New Business

You’ve just started a new business and you’re in the process of establishing your name in the industry. Maybe you have considered plenty of...

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