Video Conferencing: Do’s and Don’ts

Three decades after it first emerged on the scene, video conferencing has quickly turned into an everyday part of business operations. And because of...

6 Ways to Track Your Call Center Analytics

Traditionally call center analytics were only available from niche vendors. However, analytics technology is now readily accessible and more affordable than ever. The increased functionality of comprehensive analytics packages provides brand new insight, allowing call centers to plan better customer strategies. The following six systems can be utilized to aid in your call center management:

How Do I Decide on a Business Phone System?

A business can only operate when it can communicate effectively with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners, and the telephone is still the most important system for business. You have a number of choices as to what kind of system you will use.

Why You Need a Real Person Talking to Your Customers

Personalization at the small business level, especially local small businesses, means having a live person answer when someone calls. Answering service companies, which have failed miserably in the past, mostly due to technology limitations, are now poised to provide small businesses the added advantage they need in an ever increasingly competitive environment.

Great Business Phone Systems and the Magic of Teleworking

Teleworking, or the process of working from a remote location, is becoming an increasingly popular career option, and it's not hard to understand why. When companies give their employees the option to work remotely, there can be numerous benefits for everyone involved.

4 Ways to Improve Office Productivity and Communication

Your phone system may already have Unified Communications (UC) capabilities. If so, that means that you have been boosting your staff's productivity, reducing operating costs, opening up more options for how to make decisions, and being able to navigate that process more quickly.

Dial-In to the Right Technology Needs

Mobile phones and other tech gadgets can play an important role in improving the communication capabilities and operational efficiency of your small business. They can help you and your employees perform various tasks and meet customer needs more effectively.

Busted: 5 Myths About Your Office Phone System

While many large businesses have now adopted VoIP phone systems, small and medium organizations have been slower to climb on board.

How is Technology Affecting Communication in the Workplace?

We have been made duly aware that we live in an Information Age, and a company's assets arrive in the morning and leave at night. Those assets, of course, are the employees.

Business Phone Solutions for SMBs and Large Enterprises

Businesses would want to have the best internal communication between departments and employees. Customers and vendors are also likely to have a better relationship with the organization if accorded with efficient support, which is ensured by having effective communication systems.

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