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Call Center Software is the Perfect Solution for Multinationals with a Global Presence

By: Louise Harris


Call Center Software is the Perfect Solution

Multinational companies must guarantee their clients the best possible attention and reception. When you have a global presence, it can be difficult to administer and manage all the calls that come in and out of your company. However, with the new generation of call center software, it is not only easier to perform these procedures, but also allows changes in working models, such as teleworking.

The development of new technologies in terms of telecommunications means greater flexibility in managing company calls. Advances in technological innovation mean that, nowadays, calls can be received on any device with an Internet connection (smartphone, computer or tablet). Therefore, to ensure the best telephone service to customers worldwide, WebRTC telephony solutions can be adapted to the need and activity of each business.

Make calls anywhere in the world

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology, driven by Google five years ago, is the evolution of IP telephony, resulting in higher voice quality (HD) and greater communication stability. This is a true innovation in ToIP (Internet Telephony), as it provides impeccable quality thanks to its great adaptability to variations in the quality of the Internet connection.

In addition, this new technology has meant a great change in business communication solutions. The call center software has evolved from requiring large installations and purchases of IP phones to being hosted in the cloud. All you need is access to the Internet, either via data or wifi, to connect to the extensions of the call center, through your smartphones, computers or tablets.

In this way, all call center users can move without limits, and work from anywhere, carrying the extension at any time.

The new generation of call center software eliminates all physical geographical barriers to work. It also avoids the high costs of international calls through conventional telephone providers.

Control and management of all calls from the cloud

The configuration and the study of the statistics of all the functioning of the call center software can be managed from the cloud, becoming an accessible activity from any place and at any time.

The call center in the cloud has a supervisor profile, who will be able to maintain control at all times. The supervisor will be able to know the status of the agents (available, absent…), control the calls (lost, unattended, attended…), the duration of the calls, communicate with the agents at all times, and even be part of the calls or listen to them, among other things.

In addition, the call center software has functionalities that can be configured from the cloud at any time. These include voiceovers, options menu, schedule management, queues, call recording, statistics, etc.

But moreover, one of the bases of the functioning of the call center software is the intelligent distribution of calls. Thanks to IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition), the system distributes calls according to the department requested by the caller. From that moment on, the intelligence of the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) will be in charge of assigning the call to the most suitable agent, according to previously established aptitudes.

The solution for business communication

For any type of company, a call center software solution means an improvement in telephone attention. In addition, it assures customers and partners the best possible quality of service.

In the same way, the call center software not only allows external business communication but the workers themselves can be in contact via chat or call at any time, without the need to be in the same place and without any cost.

Multinational companies must be aware of the importance of communication with customers and between workers in different international offices. Facilitating the work and offering the best telephone attention service influences the improvement of productivity, performance and profits of the company itself.

Conclusion: The next generation of business communications has arrived. The call center software that works with WebRTC is accessible from anywhere in the world and does not require SIP Trunks, new installations or IP phones. The only requirement? Internet connection.

Published: August 6, 2019

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