Roman Bogdan

Roman Bogdan is an SEO expert who writes frequently on marketing and startup businesses.


technology working for you when traveling for work

Travel For Work: Getting Online When on the Go 

If your career allows you to enjoy opportunities to connect with other industry professionals, share ideas, and get inspired, you can consider yourself fortunate. Not everyone has the chance to travel for work and be…

a pet food business

How Do I Write a Business Plan for A Pet Food Business? 

Starting a pet food business can be a rewarding venture as you solve an immediate need for your customer and work on something you genuinely care about. The booming sector has an immense audience of…

Want to Be More Resourceful? 4 Cost-Saving Tips for Any Business

Saving costs in a business might be linked with cutting wages and using less qualitative materials for the final product. However, that’s not always the case. If some companies wanted to increase their profits in…