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5 Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business

By: Matt Shealy


Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business

Switching from traditional landlines to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service is a move a lot of businesses are making. If your systems administrators are ready to part with mobile towers and antiquated phone lines, the best VoIP business services provide fast service through your internet connection. It saves money and when you’re ready to upgrade features, VoIP requires no extra hardware or external installations.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you have VoIP for your business.

1. Most Calls are Free

With VoIP phone service, you can expect to see a reduced monthly bill. Most domestic and international calls are free with VoIP as it relies on a broadband internet connection. That means you can reduce overall costs which is helpful as you grow your business. There’s no bulky hardware to worry about and you don’t have to pay technicians when you’re ready to add new services or additional phone lines.

2. You Can Record Calls

While landlines include call forwarding, call waiting and a few other limited features like *69, VoIP has more to offer. Managers can record calls, which is helpful when they’re training staff members. Recorded calls are also beneficial for compliance purposes and as a way to improve customer experiences (CXs). Not only can you record them, but many VoIP providers provide voice to text services that make this even easier. With a simple glance at your voicemail, you can quickly scroll through and see what you’ve missed.

3. You Can Listen In and Barge In On Calls

Other helpful benefits with VoIP phones are the “listen in” and “barge in” features. These are useful when managers of customer service personnel or call centers are training staff and want to monitor caller activity. “Listen in” can also be used if an agent isn’t resolving customer inquiries within the first resolution call. This can provide the opportunity to find out which areas they may need some extra training. The “barge in” feature is ideal for sales staff where you might want to offer key selling points or help close a deal for more junior staff.

4. Use Remote Calling If You’re Out of the Office

Remote calling is a feature that’s suitable for traveling business executives. VoIP phones can forward to a mobile phone, hotel or another line. It’s convenient for lawyers, sales personnel and real estate agents who are out of the office and don’t want to miss their calls. And, the person calling never knows the call is being forwarded remotely. They assume they’re reaching the business executive at their office. You can also utilize this option if you have remote staff—easily forward calls to any number, regardless of their location.

5. Set Up Video Conferences and Conference Calls

VoIP makes it easy to connect with colleagues, customers and clients. VoIP software lets you set up convenient video conferences and conference calls. Callers can be added in, muted or dropped from calls when you’re ready. You can share files, photos and other data securely online while calls can be recorded and stored in the cloud for colleagues or managers that might be absent. Whether your business is remote or not, using these conference services could save you a lot of time.

Leverage Your Communications Technology with VoIP

In the digital age, as more small and medium-sized businesses switch from landlines to VoIP, they’re learning that it includes many benefits. From free calls to streamlined video conferences and advanced calling features, VoIP has several benefits businesses need to maintain a lead over their competitors. It’s also a move that startups and growing businesses can’t afford to be without if they’re hoping to advance their communications.

No matter which reason you have, there’s a good chance that VoIP can help you grow and maintain your business.

Published: January 22, 2020

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