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8 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality

By: Claire Holt


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Voice over IP phone services are a convenient way of making calls without the huge price tag that comes with traditional phone systems. It has become famous for its cheap international calls, advanced calling features, accessibility, scalability, mobility, etc. Even though VoIP technology has evolved a lot with the availability of high-speed internet, getting clarity in connection cab be challenging. However, there are different ways to improve VoIP call quality. We are going to enlist eight easy tips to improve VoIP call quality.

8 Tips to Improve VoIP Calls Quality

If you are aware of the reasons that cause choppy VoIP connection, it can be easier to troubleshoot low quality of VoIP call. Just follow our tips to make high-quality VoIP calls.

  1. Don’t forget to Test Your Internet Connection

If your VoIP calls are getting dropped frequently, then the first thing you need to do is check your internet connection. You have to make sure there is no issue with cable connection or if there’s an internet outage. If you are experiencing dropped calls with a business VoIP infrastructure, then there may be a problem with internet connection. In such a case, you will need to employ more than one internet connection for maintaining VoIP telephone service.

When you distribute multiple internet connections, a call can failover to a properly functioning connection automatically.

  1. You Can Always Increase Internet Speed 

If you have a slow internet such as dialup internet, then trying to make a VoIP call won’t be fast enough for a trouble-free connection. If you are in a place where a fast-speed internet connection isn’t available, then you can install a satellite internet connection. On the contrary, if you have a fast speed internet connection and still experience an issue with VoIP Phone calls. Then check your internet to make sure it performs at the fastest possible speed. This can be done by testing cables and connections other than your router.

  1. Establish a New Connection

If you get static interference or are hearing an echo while on a call, then try disconnecting and reconnecting the phone call. Sometimes this small solution can get rid of choppy connection and eliminates the need to waste time on unnecessary troubleshooting methods.

  1. Try a VoIP Accelerator

If you ensure that your high-speed internet connection works fine, but the problem still occurs, then issues could be because you have shared bandwidth with others. So, to improve the quality of a VoIP call, you can install a VoIP accelerator. A VoIP accelerator is a device that you can easily find in your electronics shop or online. You can connect a VoIP accelerator to your network easily to improve the VoIP connection quality.

  1. Consider Internet Bandwidth

Usually, VoIP call quality issues are related to your internet bandwidth. If you experience latency (delay in communication), then the problem is the limited bandwidth; to resolve this issue, you will need to deploy a dedicated line for bandwidth to better handle VoIP traffic. This also ensures that there is no interference with other information packets that are being sent over the internet.

  1. Check Your Headset

If you want to make free VoIP calls from PC to PC, then you must test your headset connections and settings on your PC. You can do this by connecting a different headset that will tell you something might have gone wrong inside your headset. Also, PC settings can change simply from rebooting or shutting down. You should also check your sound settings to make sure that they are correctly configured and then test again with your headset.

  1. Opt for a Wireless Connection

Using a wired internet connection can sometimes cause more issues with your VoIP calls because there are many wires to worry about. With such a connection, it can take a long time to troubleshoot the connection with cables that exist in the infrastructure. Using wireless internet connection can reduce the number of issues that occur with disconnected or broken wires and wear and tear on a wired internet setup.

  1. Deploy a Unified Bandwidth Management System

With a Unified Bandwidth Management (UBM) system, you can improve both your internet connection and VoIP call quality. A UBM uses network management to enhance the performance of the internet and internet-based apps. A UDM appliance is installed between your phone system and the network firewall for monitoring all data and voice communications before they get passed through the internet. A UBM provides a browser-based interface that can help IT professionals monitor the bandwidth on a network along with the performance of VoIP apps for all devices.

VoIP phone system has come a long way, but there are still improvements that can be made. Hence, the more you know about VoIP, the better you can troubleshoot low VoIP call quality.

Published: July 21, 2020

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