5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Business Phone System

Any business worth its salt has a quality phone system in place to ensure its customers have a reliable way to contact the company....

Busted: 5 Myths About Your Office Phone System

While many large businesses have now adopted VoIP phone systems, small and medium organizations have been slower to climb on board.

Does Unified Communications Really Cut Costs?

If you're thinking of moving to Unified Communications, the first question on your mind is probably "How much is this all going to cost me?"

How Do I Decide on a Business Phone System?

A business can only operate when it can communicate effectively with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners, and the telephone is still the most important system for business. You have a number of choices as to what kind of system you will use.

4 Features Your Small Business Phone System Needs for 2016

Sometimes, small business owners don’t think that they deserve the best tech. You might think that only large organizations need cutting-edge technology. Or you might...

4 Affordable Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Small Business

When it comes to video conferencing, which is the best video conferencing tool for your business and remote teams? There is a large variety...

5 Tips to Keep Your Call Center Team Engaged

With the increasing emphasis placed on a customer-oriented business approach nowadays, top-notch customer service is the main goal of every contact center. Unfortunately, with...

Cloud PBX vs. Premise-Based PBX

It can be difficult to choose between premise-based PBX and cloud PBX systems. When making this decision, you should consider which phone system works...

6 Communications Tips for Managing Small Business Growth

One key to properly facilitating growth is having the right unified communications and VoIP system in place but selecting the right product offering can be difficult. Check out these 6 tips to help develop the perfect phone system to match your growing small business's needs:

What Exactly Is a “Virtual Office”?

The cost of telephone services for small businesses is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years. The use of “virtual office” phone services give small businesses the appearance and professionalism of larger companies, but at a much more economical price. For those of us involved in the creation and growth of voice communications...

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